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Daily Photos: January 21 – 27 January 27, 2011

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So here we are… my first “real” attempt at posting here on WordPress… with pictures and everything!  We’ll see how this works!

Friday, January 21 – This afternoon it was pretty sunny outside, but then it started raining. I was fixing dinner (we were having friends over – they live in a village interior) and Natalie called me outside to look at the rainbow!  She got her umbrella even though it wasn’t raining very hard, and I just had to get a picture of my cutie pie. I think you can even see the rainbow off to the right if you look hard enough!

Saturday, January 22 – This afternoon we were all kind of tired of being inside, so Dan and I went outside and sat on the grass while the kids played on the playground.  The kids wanted a snack so I got this big tin of crackers for them to munch on while they played.

Sunday, January 23 – Oh, and yesterday while I was sitting outside on the grass? I was also knitting 🙂  All of our knitted dishcloths (none of which I made myself) are all starting to fall apart. I have a couple little balls of cotton yarn so I found a pattern online and made myself a dishcloth!  I made it a bit smaller than the pattern and ended up with enough yarn left over to make a small one for the girls to use when they get their play kitchen (which is in the crate, which is hopefully getting picked up sometime soon to begin its journey to us!!!) Oh, and this is the first ever picture I posted on Ravelry. I hope to updated more of my projects with pictures soon!

Monday, January 24 – My morning tea.  This is my new favorite insulated cup – I got it in the airport in Japan!  I wanted to get a mug that said “Japan” but all the mugs were for cities and not for the country itself, and I didn’t particularly like any of them, so I got this cup instead. I used it all through furlough, and I love it.  I filled it full of coffee (with flavored creamer, of course!) before we got in Dad’s truck to drive to Seattle to begin our journey back to Indonesia. I finished my coffee on the way to the airport, and the cup rode in my carry-on luggage all the way back here.  Which means that I never rinsed it out, and the dregs of coffee stayed in the cup for several long days!  When we got back here and I found it, it smelled pretty nasty.  After many washings, and several scrubbings with baking soda water, it finally smells okay again!  For a while there I couldn’t even use it, and I was pretty sad!

Tuesday, January 25 – Our cat Leo has been pretty needy lately. He lives on the porch and lately instead of only coming around for meal times, he has been hanging out there ALL DAY LONG!  So whenever we go outside he meows for us to give him some lovin’.  Usually I am happy to oblige.  So this is my attempt at taking a picture of myself petting Leo 🙂

Wednesday, January 26 – Library books!  What a treat for this girl who loves to read!  How in the world do we have a library here? Well, little MK school used to have an “adult” section in their library (no, not THAT kind of “adult”. Get your mind out of the gutter :-)) The adults didn’t usually make it over there to actually make use of the books, so our friend Katherine who was a teacher here in Wamena for 3 years decided to move all the books into her house.  She set up bookshelves and organized all the books, even keeping up with donations that came in.  Now that she is in Sentani the library isn’t quite as organized but I still am glad to have books to read!  There is a pretty good selection, although I do feel like I get to read books I wouldn’t normally choose, just because there aren’t that many to pick from!

Thursday, January 27 – My little Claire and her toy of choice these days.  Here she is showing me her handful of Polly Pocket dolls.  Ah the joys of being a little girl!


19 Responses to “Daily Photos: January 21 – 27”

  1. Ellie Says:

    I’m loving the size of the photo on here! Nice job with the dishcloths. I should attempt since I like that type best.

    • junglewife Says:

      Yeah, I like the size of the photo, but not the size of the font. I’m still figuring out if/how I can change that. The dishcloth was super fast and easy. Now I need to find someone to send me a whole box of Peaches n Cream cotton yarn 🙂

  2. Rebecca C. Says:

    I like your new blog! It looks great. This post makes me laugh because it is just like something I would write. We’re so similar it’s scary! The only difference is that I’m not so much a tea drinker as I am a coffee drinker 🙂 I totally understand about the books…there’s just something wonderful about “fresh” books, isn’t there?! (BTW, “Three Cups of Tea” is an excellent book. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.) Oh, and I love the dishcloths. My knitting expertise is pretty much limited to dishcloths – I used to make them a lot. Of course, these days I don’t do much knitting…or anything creative! I CANNOT wait to have a “normal” life again 😉

    • junglewife Says:

      Thanks for commenting! Is it okay to be a little bit sad that you guys are going to Kal and not coming here? I just think how much fun we could have had together here in Wamena!!!

      I cycle through crafts like nobody’s business. I have a shelf full of scrapbooking paper (although I am keeping relatively caught up on my daily picture albums…), totes full of fabric (although I am still working on fabric crafts… just finished a table runner in bright spring colors), some cross-stitch projects that haven’t seen the light of day in a while, and now I am going crazy with the knitting 🙂 I like knitting because once I have started a project, usually it is something that I can just sit on the couch and work on while I am watching TV. I can be WITH Dan instead of hiding in the office/craft room. And it’s very relaxing for me. So that’s the appeal of knitting. Now I just need more yarn, more yarn… 🙂

      Your life will definitely get into a better routine once you get to Kal and get settled. I remember the unsettled feeling of being in language school, and I laughed when I read your recent post. I meant to comment on it but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, maybe I had too much to say 🙂 Language school time is definitely crazy, and your life is crazier than ours was, since we only had one kid at the time who wasn’t in school yet. Also, I hardly had to worry about meals at all – our house helper would even make breakfast for us!!! She’d come in, and 10 minutes later would be serving us pancakes! Crazy! And she would make dinner for us just about every night unless I told her to slow down so we could eat some leftovers! Anyway, hang in there! You’re doing great!

  3. So glad you made the move! I think you’ll find you will love wordpress much more….I know I do! I also love how big the pictures are!!!

  4. puffpop Says:

    This is great. I like the way it is delivered to my email…pictures and all. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll give this wordpress a serious try.

    I signed when I first read about it and when I went to comment, I see that my log in name is already there. I like that!

  5. puffpop Says:

    I’m jealous of the cat. I’ve always wanted a silver tabby. He’s looking at you so adoringly and yes, I agree with Rebecca about 3 cups of Tea…

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Nice dishcloths! 🙂 I’ve made several patterns, but that is my favorite (just for ease of use etc.) Miss you lots. Thanks for taking such wonderful care of Leo. I’ll have to send pics of our kitten, Flynn, for the girls.


  7. Rhonda Says:

    I really like the new blog too – great layout and cute photos.

  8. Jen Says:

    Love the new site! I especially love how big your photos are! I’ve already subscribed to your new feed in Google Reader. Oh, and I love that first photo!

  9. rhondablogs Says:

    1. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but never care to leave comments on xanga blogs, so now I guess I have no excuse to be a lurker. 🙂 I love reading about your life and ministry. I, too, have been a MAF wife…we just moved back to Canada after almost 6 years in Madagascar.
    2. If you want to, wordpress has the ability to import your old blog into this one, so you could have everything in one place.

    ~Rhonda S.

    • junglewife Says:

      I tried to do the import thing but it looks like it’s just for certain blog sites, and Xanga isn’t one of them. I’ll have to check into it further. It really would be wonderful to be able to have my old entries here! I’ll have to go check out your blog now. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. rhondablogs Says:

    oops, forgot to leave my blog site so you can visit me, too…

  11. Britney Says:

    I love the size of the pictures. And they all loaded in Reader, which wasn’t always the case with Xanga. I’m excited about this move!

    I had a question for you, but now I can’t remember what it was. Hmm. Maybe it will come to me later…

  12. @ngie Says:

    WooHoo! Congrats on the move. 🙂

  13. kim Says:

    Isn’t WordPress nice?

  14. Michele Cameron Says:

    Hi! Love your blog…
    Maybe we could get some donations going to get you a Kindle and you could get e-books… I don’t have any idea of the cost or if your internet service could handle the downloads. I always come up with good ideas, but no time for follow-through! Maybe some of your gal friends have time to research it for you?… I know, it sounds kind of lame to make an offer and suggest that somebody else do it! Sorry…Let me know if someone comes up with a detailed plan. It is pretty easy to send funds to a pay pal account, so I think it is doable! Love in Christ, Michele

  15. Carmen Says:

    I love your new home!!! It is easy for me to sign up and read you on here than xanga. All though I do peak in from time to time. I am so excited to find you again. 🙂

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