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Daily Photos: February 8 – 16 February 16, 2011

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Tuesday, February 8 – I just love all the variety of flowers that grow in our yard, almost none of which were planted by us!  I have seen these flowers growing all over the world, and just love how colorful they are. One of my friends (who grew up with me in Ecuador) painted one in an art class in the States, and her teacher said, “That flower isn’t real! There is no flower that could have all those colors in it!”  I also love how the little unopened buds at the center of each flower look like little bowties!


Wednesday, February 9 – Today I was snuggling with Claire after she woke up from her nap… actually I am not sure she napped at all, but anyway… she saw my camera and wanted to take a picture of us, not easy with a big DSLR camera and a squirming girl in my arms! So this is the best that I got!  I love my sweet girl!


Thursday, February 10 – Lots of coloring going on at our house lately, which means markers, crayons, and coloring pages spread all over our dining room table most of the time!  Before I left the States I bought Natalie a huge pack of markers, and gave them to her for her birthday in November. She is definitely getting my money’s worth out of those markers!


Friday, February 11 – Today Dan and the other MAF guys had a little impromptu fire safety training for the national workers.  Here Dan stands back after lighting fuel in a drum on fire with the spark from a cattle prod, and one of the national workers learns how to put it out with a fire extinguishers. I guess they all had a lot of fun… not surprising, seeing as how it was guys playing with fire… 🙂


Saturday, February 12 – I made pink heart-shaped pancakes for the girls this morning. (Dan wasn’t feeling well, so I just let him sleep in.)  I didn’t use a mold or anything, just tried to spread out the batter in heart-shapes on the griddle. They actually came out pretty well, and the girls were thrilled with them!


Sunday, February 13 – The other day when I went to the store, I was very surprised to find (in the small freezer case) one of my favorite treats: Magnum bars!  So tonight I am treating myself to a Magnum bar! Delicious! And even better, this one didn’t taste icy, like it had been frozen and thawed a couple of times (like ones I’ve had in the past that I’ve bought here in Wamena.)  I enjoyed every bite of that creamy ice cream and chocolate!


Monday, February 14 – Happy Valentines’ Day! I failed to get any pictures today of me with Dan OR the girls, so instead you get a picture of a Valentine decoration – a heart garland I made with the girls last week!


Tuesday, February 15 – Natalie wanted me to help her put together this puzzle this afternoon, and then wanted me to take a picture of the puzzle. Of course I had to include my beautiful princess in the picture of the princess puzzle!


Wednesday, February 16 – Evidence of Claire’s before-nap snack. I was on the computer and I guess she wanted a snack so she got one for herself. I’m so proud of her for choosing fruit!  These are the remains of two “markisa” or a variety of passion fruit. (In Ecuador they are called “granadilla”.)  Claire saw me, and said, “Mommy, I’m eating markisisa!”


6 Responses to “Daily Photos: February 8 – 16”

  1. @ngie Says:

    We have those beautiful flowers here you captured so exquisitely on ‘Tuesday’. We also have granadilla – I am not a big fan of the taste but they look so exotic and inviting. 🙂

  2. Carmen Says:

    The flowers are beautiful. God is such an amazing creator.
    And, you did a great job making heart shape pancakes. I tried it too. Mine didn’t turn out so lovely!
    “Playing with Fire” such a cute caption!

    Please, tell us how you got involved with MA. And, I would love to hear more of the story about “Mrs. Cougar”. 😉

    • junglewife Says:

      Carmen, I’ll try to start on our story soon! I know I’ve posted part of it on the blog before, but like I said, I know there’s lots of people here who don’t know much or any of it!

  3. Jen Says:

    Do they sell Magnum bars here in the states? I’ve never seen them but they’re easy to find in SA.

    Yum…I love granadilla!

    • junglewife Says:

      No, I don’t think they sell Magnum bars in the States. And it’s the same brand under different names in different parts of the world (but always with the same little “heart” logo.) Here in Indonesia the brand is “Walls” but in Ecuador (and maybe all of South America?) it’s “Pinguino”. Do you remember what it was in SA? Just curious 🙂

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