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Snipping, cutting, scratches, and swinging February 18, 2011

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Well, a lot happened yesterday!    And the story kind of starts the night before…

Claire was playing by herself, as she often does, but this time went into Natalie’s room, saying “Don’t look at me! I’m going to take a shower!”  I didn’t think anything of it, as this is something she’s been doing a lot lately – going into the playtent, or under the ironing board, or under the table, saying she’s “taking a shower.”  Well, she was in there for a while, and when she came out it was bathtime so off she went to take a bath.  I was getting the girls pajamas ready while Dan bathed them, when I noticed a little pile of something that looked like fur on a chair in Natalie’s room. Only it wasn’t fur… it was blonde hair… yep, you got it! Claire gave herself a haircut while she was “taking a shower”!    So I went into the bathroom to look more closely at her hair. Yep, a big patch of hair gone on one side of her head! I asked her what happened, and she said, “Mommy, I snipped my hair!” Yep, you sure did, kiddo!

So, the next day (yesterday) I decided to give Claire a haircut. Her hair was not all that long to begin with, but with the very short hair in one place and then long hair at the back just didn’t look right!  So in the morning we went outside to get a haircut.

So, pictures, you say? Of course!

Here’s the “before” picture… well, before the haircut, but after Claire’s snipping! See that short hair on the right there? Yeah, just doesn’t look all that great!

A little cutting of my own, and here’s what she looked like afterwards:

Yes, my baby’s hair is gone!  But it did even things out, and I think it looks pretty cute on her. It does make her look younger, though… not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing! But at least the curls are still there!

“Here’s my hair, Mommy!”


Later that morning we went over to my friend Amber’s house. Another friend was over, too, and the kids played together while the moms drank coffee on the front porch.  Of course our cat Leo followed us over there (he’s always underfoot) and as soon as I sat down to drink my coffee, he jumped up on my lap for some petting. Claire came around after a while and started petting Leo, too, when all of a sudden he just lashed out at her and scratched her arm pretty bad. So that was the end of the socializing and coffee… Bad Leo!  Admittedly, the girls aren’t always very nice to him, and I really don’t mind if he defends himself. But in this case, Claire was being nice to him, and he just scratched her with no warning. That is NOT okay!

Poor Claire:

She was pretty sad for a while, but we went home and got her blankies and snuggled on the couch for a while, and then she was okay.

Later in the afternoon after Dan got home the girls wanted to go play outside a bit before dinner, so we all went outside to play and swing. So of course I had to get some pictures of the girls in the afternoon light.

Claire swinging (and being silly!):

Natalie swinging:

(Natalie was going a lot higher and faster than Claire so it was harder for me to get a decent picture…)

And then Natalie wanted me to take a picture of her pretty headband:

And that was our day yesterday! 🙂


6 Responses to “Snipping, cutting, scratches, and swinging”

  1. Gracia M. Says:

    That was an eventful day. You did a good job with your haircut. It looks cute short. Ella did the same thing to her hair awhile back, but it wasn’t quite so noticeable. One of my grand-daughters got scratched pretty badly by her cat, also on her arm. The cat not longer lives with them.

  2. Carmen Says:

    OH My! She did snip her hair! But, she still looks as precious as ever!

  3. Jen Says:

    Great job on the haircut! My kids have never cut their own hair but Joshua cut Emma Grace’s hair one time. It was shocking! Looks like that swing is loads of fun!

  4. Becky Perez Says:

    I love claire’s new hair-cut! It is so cute. I badly need to cut Reece’s hair, but I’m nervous. I have only done it once, and it was a disaster! But, hopefully, if I plan better, it will go well this time!

  5. Nezzy Says:

    Ya’ll did a great job on your little sweethearts hair. She’s just a ever lovin’ doll girl!!! I felt bad for her little are filled with scratches…cats are like that sometimes.

    I just wanted to send ya a big old Hillbilly CONGRATULATIONS on your big win over at PW’s. What a prized treasure to posses. I have to say I’ve turned all kinds of shades of jealously green here! Heeehehehe! :o)

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day from the happy hills and hollers of the beautiful Missouri, USA, Ponderosa!!! :o)

    • junglewife Says:

      Thank you! I LOVE that mixer – it’s gorgeous! But honestly I have no idea how I would get it all the way out here to Indonesia. So I am going to bless one of my friends with it 🙂 I will stop by your blog when I have a little more time to read, right now need to go snuggle with the kiddos!

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