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Happy Birthday, Claire! March 15, 2011

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I can NOT believe that today is Claire’s THIRD birthday! Where has the time gone?  To commemorate the day I thought I would post a few pictures from Claire’s past birthdays…

Me and my newborn baby Claire on the day of her birth! Look how tiny she is!


And how dark her hair was!


And my not-even-2-1/2-year-old Natalie holding her baby sister!


On to Claire’s first birthday. We were in the States just before Claire’s first birthday so Dan’s sister had a party at her house for Claire.

Claire enjoying a cupcake at Aunt Laura’s house!


Me and my girl on her actual birthday, here in Wamena.


On to her 2nd birthday…

This wasn’t her actual birthday, but we had a little birthday party when we were in Nampa  at the beginning of our furlough because my parents were there and wanted to have a party for Claire 🙂


And, closer to her actual birthday (I think this was the day before), another party at Aunt Laura’s – 2nd year in a row!  Here I caught Claire scooping some frosting off the side of the ice cream cake!  I can’t believe a whole year has passed since she turned 2 – it seems like it was just yesterday!


Claire has such a great personality right now. She is so fun-loving and always making us laugh.  She never misses an opportunity to say “I love you!” or “You’re my best friend!” and give us kisses and hugs. I love that she is learning all the Bible songs and verses that Natalie is learning for school.  She LOVES anything pink, frilly, or “princess-y”.  She is all about the clothes – sometimes will change her clothes 3-4 times a day. She sometimes will wear two pairs of panties at once, so that “people won’t see my Dora panties” (the first pair she puts on). She loves dresses, especially “twirly” dresses. (I have even ordered a “twirly dress” pattern so I can make as many as she wants!) She is little miss independent and loves to do everything “by myself.” She also can spend quite a bit of time playing on her own, whether with Polly Pocket dolls, Littlest Pet Shop animals, Leapfrog games  on her Leapster, “reading” stories to herself, or even playing games on the computer.

It’s so fun to see my little Claire-y grow up, but at the same time she is at such a fun age. I guess I just need to cherish every moment, right?!

Happy Birthday, Claire!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Claire!”

  1. Carmen Says:

    So Precious!! Happy Birthday, Claire!

  2. @ngie Says:

    Oh what a sweet wrap up of a sweet little life! Happy Birthday!

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