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Daily Photos: March 12 – 20 March 21, 2011

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Saturday, March 12 – Time for a pedicure!  I asked Claire what color I should paint my toenails, and this is the one she chose. I suppose it is fitting with St. Patrick’s Day coming next week!


Sunday, March 13 – Claire enjoying her morning snack of a popsicle outside. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy outside life just about all year long!


Monday, March 14 – More playing outside! This afternoon I went outside with the girls while they played, and got this picture of Natalie riding her bike!


Tuesday, March 15 – Happy 3rd birthday to Claire!  We had a small “princess” party with a couple other girls, and then afterwards invited quite a few more people over for cupcakes and ice cream. Here Claire is opening her presents. It was fun to see her get so excited about each and every one!


Wednesday, March 16 – Heard some meowing coming from the playroom this morning, and Natalie ran in to investigate. She found Leo looking in the window from the outside, asking for his breakfast 🙂


Thursday, March 17 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We all dressed in green today but Natalie didn’t make it into the photo… I told Claire to pick out some green clothes, and this is the outfit she chose!  I would usually make a special St. Patrick’s Day dinner but Dan is in Sentani for the next couple of days for meetings so it will have to wait until later!


Friday, March 18 – Just a photo of a pretty little flower outside by the playground.


Saturday, March 19 – Dan’s home today, and brought with him two packages! Woo hoo!  One from Dan’s mom and one from my parents. What fun to open up these “treasure boxes”!  It is really amazing how much stuff my parents were able to cram into one box – mostly crafts and treats for the kids, but there were some things for me, too, like a block of Velveeta cheese! Sometimes you just get a craving for those ultra-processed foods! If anyone is ever inclined to send us a care package, we are always happy to receive it! What a treat!


Sunday, March 20 – View from above of our dining room table. Flowers I purchased from some local kids yesterday on top of a table runner I made a couple months ago. I haven’t used it yet because it seems very spring-like to me. Now is a good time to pull it out, even though it is always the same weather all year long here, it’s fun to decorate according to the seasons “back home”!


2 Responses to “Daily Photos: March 12 – 20”

  1. Carmen Says:

    The table top runner is beautiful! I wish I could sew better than I do. I also wish I had a sewing partner. I think that would keep me deligent!

    Absolutly love the picture of you in green! Such a great picture!

    Care packages are always wonderful. I remember when we lived in Korea they were such a highlight of our month.

  2. Carrie Says:

    What fun! I remember the thrill of getting a box or bubble mailer wherever we were – I’m still excited when I get a package, but it’s just not quite the same as getting one overseas. 🙂 Beautiful flowers and table runner – I’m so impressed! The pun crossed my mind “I’m sew impressed”… 😉

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