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Daily Photos: March 21 – 29 March 29, 2011

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Monday, March 21 – The other day Natalie was over at her friends’ house coloring, and later brought this picture home to me – it’s SpongeBob Squarepants.  I think it’s a pretty good likeness!  Except that… he’s not wearing any pants!  Dan and Natalie have been watching SpongeBob together lately, and so he’s pretty proud of her for her drawing.


Tuesday, March 22 – I opened up the pantry door and this guy squiggled out.  I am not normally squeamish around geckoes (or cicaks pronounced “chee-chock” as they are known here) but this guy was so fat and wiggly that he just grossed me out. And then even when I was done getting stuff out of the pantry he just hung out by the hinges for a while so I had to get a picture of him. Yuck!


Wednesday, March 23 – Changing our bedsheets this morning and the girls took advantage of the blankets on the floor to snuggle in them for a while together!


Thursday, March 24 – Natalie is always wanting to do crafts so I am always trying to come up with new, simple crafts for her to do with supplies we have or can get here!  Today I thought we would make some “easter eggs” with yarn soaked in glue/water and then wrapped around balloons. Natalie actually did a pretty good job wrapping the yarn and here the “eggs” are sitting on waxed paper waiting to dry so we can pop the balloons and display them!


Friday, March 25 – The girls got these “Fancy Nancy” appliques in a box from Granny and we were trying to figure out what to do with them. Today I decided to make the girls each a little tote purse with their appliques on the front. Claire especially loves hers – ever since I gave it to her she has filled her tote with treasures and walks around with it hanging from her neck!


Saturday, March 26 – Bath time!  Tonight the ducks were all lined up on the edge of the bathtub. Natalie had been singing “5 little ducks” and had to roundup all 5 “little” ducks for the white “mama” duck so they wouldn’t be lost, as the song goes.

Sunday, March 27 – One of the many things my parents sent in their care package to us (I still can’t believe how much stuff they fit into a flat rate box!!!) was a Perler bead kit for Natalie. Natalie has been all about these beads lately and we sure needed a fresh supply!  The beads have been out all weekend with Natalie’s friends C and T making lots of creations. Natalie is working on this bead portrait of Ariel.


Monday, March 28 – One thing I enjoy is laying in bed and reading for a little bit each night before I go to sleep. Dan is in Sentani for the next couple of nights so I will get a little bit more reading time than usual, since he is not here and ready to go to sleep at 8:30! My little nightstand isn’t exactly tidy (or dust-free!) but it holds the essentials – books and a bedside lamp!


Tuesday, March 29 – Today we went to visit some friends. They recently had a baby tree kangaroo given to them and so the kids were thrilled to be able to play with it!  It is so cute the way it wants to curl up into a ball, just as if it was in its mother’s pouch! I don’t know exactly how old it is but it is definitely young enough to still be in a pouch. Its mother died and so that is why our friends have it.


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  1. Carmen Says:

    The pictures of the girls are so sweet.
    I love the balloon idea! Very Fun.

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