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Daily Photos: March 30 – April 8 April 8, 2011

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Wednesday, March 30 – Today Dan soloed in the Caravan for the first time. When he got back to Wamena he got a nice drenching to commemorate the event. Natalie made sure to “get Daddy wet”, too!


Thursday, March 31 – My parents sent some candy in the care package we got a couple weeks ago, and the girls have sure been enjoying it! It is hard for them to remember to ask Mommy if they want to have some candy! I even caught Claire the other day getting herself a little bowl and pouring some Skittles into it! Oh well, we don’t get this stuff that often, right?!


Friday, April 1 – I have been sorting through baby clothes today, and packed up most of the newborn thru 6 month ones to give to two friends who are having baby girls and don’t have clothes for them.  I don’t mind sharing what I have, but I told Dan, “Now that I am giving all my baby clothes away, I will find out I am pregnant, right?!” No, we don’t have plans for another one at this time!!!


Saturday, April 2 – The girls have been very busy coloring lately. Even Claire is starting to color more in the lines and is pretty proud of her coloring pictures! Natalie loves to color, but what I especially like is when she makes drawings on her own, like the one in the middle there. I love to see her creativity!


Sunday, April 3 – My hubby and my girls, working on a puzzle at the dining room table this fine Sunday morning.


Monday, April 4 – Another completed Easter craft with the kids!  I got the idea for this one here, and it was simple enough that the kids didn’t get frustrated or bored with it. I could see making a whole bouquet of these things, but they were satisfied with just one each.


Tuesday, April 5 – I got a bunch of lemons from the pasar (market) on Saturday, and haven’t had time to squeeze them yet. Some of them were starting to get moldy so I figured I better tackle that project today. We rarely get yellow lemons so when we find them, it’s nice to stock up and freeze the juice. I decided to zest all the lemons before squeezing them so I would have the zest, too, if I needed it for a recipe.


Wednesday, April 6 – The girls twirling around in their new twirly dresses that I made for them last week. I love making things for my kids and seeing them enjoy it!


Thursday, April 7 – I was outside today and when I was coming in, I saw this guy right outside our back door. I have no idea what he is, and he’s pretty tiny, but I thought I would just see how close-up of a picture I could get of him with my non-macro lens.  That’s my index finger, by the way… not my thumb!


Friday, April 8 – Claire was about to start eating her steaming hot bowl of oatmeal this morning and I just had to get a picture of her with the sun coming in the window behind her.  She thought it was pretty funny that I was taking a picture of her eating her oatmeal!


7 Responses to “Daily Photos: March 30 – April 8”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Great photos! So hard to make those Skittles last…I usually asked for Starbursts. 🙂 Beautiful flower crafts and I’m once again impressed with your sewing skills! Blessings!

  2. Carmen Says:

    I really enjoy seeing your daily pictures of your week.
    How fun to be able to contribute in getting Daddy wet! I bet that tickled her. And, those pictures on the refrigerator are fabulous! Tell them “Great Job”. Oh I bet my Victoria would love a twirly dress. You have such wonderful sewing skills. I am in the process of doing a pillow case dress and lets just say I am having a hard time finding just a few hours to get it done. IT is so sweet of you to be a blessing to others with the baby clothes! But, you are right. Every time I do such a thing I get two pink lines. 😉 Maybe the water over there is a little different than here! I am told that sort of stuff depends on the water you drink. (Giggle)

    • junglewife Says:

      Yeah, Natalie sure enjoyed throwing water on Dan! She had asked to go give him a hug before the water-throwing started, because she knew that afterwards he would be too wet to hug! I tried to get her to give him a hug afterwards but she would have none of it!

      ha ha, no I think the water here is very similar to yours 🙂 and I HAVE been trying to drink a lot of water lately! hee hee. But I hope that all my water drinking doesn’t result in those pink lines 🙂

  3. Sallie Says:

    Sarah, your pictures are so beautiful! You’ve got a great camera and some wonderful muses! 🙂

  4. amydeanne Says:

    every time i gave away my baby stuff i got pregnant too.. so i totally know how that goes!

    re: gates of splendor movie – that is the first in the series with the last being the grandfathers

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