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A rough week… April 15, 2011

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Yes, it has been a week since I’ve posted.  It has been quite the rough week, especially last weekend!

Last week Dan went to Sentani for a couple of nights. It was supposed to be just Thursday night but then due to unforseen circumstances ended up being Friday night too. Everything was fine until Friday night. First of all, both the girls woke up a couple of times during the night. Then, at about 3:15 am, Claire woke up saying she had to go potty (which rarely happens. She does great at sleeping all night long without accidents or anything.) So I took her to the potty and stumbled back to bed.  Then, about 5 minutes later, I heard her calling me again. I went into her room, and she said she had to go potty again. Well, okay.  So I took her to the bathroom, and she sat for a while, and then said she had to poop but was having a hard time.  So we waited a little while longer and nothing happened.  By this time 15 or 20 minutes had passed and I am wondering how long I can sit on the edge of the tub in the bathroom waiting for Claire to go potty!

Then, while I am waiting for Claire, Natalie calls me saying SHE has to go potty! I am sure she heard us up, and that is why she woke up, too.  So I took her to our bathroom as Claire was still on the potty in the girls’ bathroom.

Long story short, Claire never was able to go to the bathroom, but would not get off the toilet. And then every 10 to 15 minutes she would pee, and every time she would start crying, saying it hurt when she peed.  Oh dear, that is screaming “UTI” to me (especially since she had been running a low-grade fever the last couple of days)!  And on top of all this, Natalie wouldn’t go back to sleep – I kept hearing her tossing and turning in her bed.

I just couldn’t sit in the bathroom with Claire all that time, so i would go back to my bed and rest for a few minutes until she would start crying in pain again.

Finally I was at my wits end and decided to try and call my Dad on Skype. By this time it was about 4:45 am. So I booted up the computer and lo and behold the internet is down.  That was the last straw for me. I just started crying. I am by myself in this house with a sick kid. I know that she needs antibiotics and in this country you can get just about anything without a prescription, but I have no idea what I need. And of course there are no 24-hour pharmacies, either!  And there is no expat doctor or nurse here in Wamena, either, and I can’t even call my dad because the internet isn’t working!

Somehow I pulled myself together and got through the rest of the night, with Claire still sitting on the toilet and crying, and Natalie tossing and turning in bed.  Around 6 I called my friend Amber and she discussed options with me, which made me feel better just to have someone to talk to!  Then the internet started working again, so I was able to call my dad, and get an antibiotic recommendation, then call a nurse in Sentani who could recommend local brands to buy, and then call Dan who was still in Sentani and able to run out to a local pharmacy to buy what we needed before flying back up here to Wamena!

So it all worked out okay in the end. But Saturday was a very busy day, with a new family arriving, and Dan bringing all our crate stuff in the airplane with him when he came. So lots of welcome events and unpacking went on that day, and then I had company over on Sunday, too, so it wasn’t much of a relaxing weekend! All day Saturday I just felt like I had jet lag, I was so tired. Not fun!

So it has been lots of recovery this week, especially since with the lack of sleep I came down with the sniffles on Monday evening!  So we all have been trying to get lots of extra sleep, and trying to get the girls to rest, too. So I’m sorry I haven’t been on here, but that’s what we have been up to!

Thank you for your prayers for us. Some days are easier than others living here. I know that things like this can happen in the States, too, but somehow it all just hit me in the middle of the night on Friday, and I just felt so alone and isolated!  I know that God is with me, and watching over and taking care of me. I am so thankful for the people around me and for those that I can call for help, too!


6 Responses to “A rough week…”

  1. Ellie Says:

    Ask someone to send you some cranberry extract pills. I used to have frequent UTIs, but since I keep those handy, I’ve only had one that went bad enough for antibiotics. I’ve used them on my daughter, too. (She chews them, which is awful but it does work.) When you first suspect a UTI, give two or three pills and have her drink as much as possible. It really works for us.

    Failing that, besides sitting on the toilet, sitting in a luke warm bath with the instructions that she can pee in the bath can sometimes bring some relief.

    I’m glad the antibiotics worked! What a night! But do try to get your hands on cranberry extract pills- it is a great thing to keep in the cupboard, especially with girls in the house!

  2. Carmen Says:

    Bless Your heart! I am thankful that everything worked out. Hopefully this will be the only time that anyone has them and everyone will feel better soon. Hugs!

    • junglewife Says:


      Thanks so much! We sure appreciate the long-distance hugs and
      prayers! We are all doing better and more rested now. Although my
      sniffles keep hanging on… ugh.


  3. Marabeth Ringenberg Says:

    We were praying for you lots and we praise and thank God that Claire is recovering and you are too! What a hard experience to go through. I remember having similar feelings when we lived in Nigeria. Miss you!

  4. Britney Says:

    Oh Sarah. I was thinking about this post this morning and praying for you. I hope this week is much better!

  5. Conney Jo Keel Says:

    Oh, Sarah!!

    God is good to hold you safely, but what a night! I’m praying for you. 🙂


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