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Claire’s funny May 1, 2011

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What did I tell you? of course as soon as I published that last post, I remembered what Claire said the other day that was so funny!

One morning I was going to make oatmeal for the girls for breakfast but I needed to refill the Tupperware I keep the oats in, so I got out a new box. As I was opening it, a cockroach jumped out! Yikes! (The oatmeal comes in a sealed foil bag inside a box – the bag was still sealed, so I wasn’t worried. But it’s still gross.)  It jumped on the floor and I immediately grabbed the can of bug spray and sprayed it.  The bug spray we have here has a distinctive smell, not unpleasant actually – it’s kind of citrus-y.  We use the spray for everything from cockroaches to spiders to mosquitoes.  Well, a few minutes later, Claire walked into the kitchen. She looked at me with a funny look on her face, sniffed the lingering scent of the bug spray in the air, and said, “Mommy, it smells like crockroaches in here!” (Yes, her word for those nasty bugs is “crockroaches” :-))

Oh, and a couple more Natalie stories…  Claire loves to watch Dora the Explorer.  As Natalie also used to, but these days I think Natalie is a bit “over” Dora.  So one day a few weeks ago the girls were watching Dora, and on the show Dora asked, “Will you help me climb across all 10 monkey bars?” And Natalie responded, “No, you have to do it yourself, DORA!”, rolling her “r” like a true Spanish-speaker!

And not long after that, she was watching another Dora episode with Claire. It was the end of the episode where Dora asks “What was YOUR favorite part of our adventure today?” And Natalie, always with the quick comeback, responded, “When it was the end!”  That girl can always make me smile!


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  1. Rita Whaley Says:

    Just wondered when child number three will be arriving?

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