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Daily Photos: April 21 – May 10 May 10, 2011

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Oh. My. Word. I knew I was behind on my blogging, but not THIS behind!  Remind me never to get to the point again where I have to blog almost THREE weeks of daily photos!  Yikes!

Thursday, April 21 – Claire enjoying our hammock on our porch. One of the previous occupants of this house put up some hooks in the porch ceiling to hang a hammock. We packed this hammock (from Ecuador) in our crate and recently Dan rigged a way to put it up. The hooks are very strong – will hold Dan or me in the hammock – and the girls just LOVE getting in and swinging!

Friday, April 22 – Natalie asked to do a craft this afternoon so this is what she got. I got out the colored paper and inks, and we went to town making fingerprint Easter cards. Now they are on display in our hallway!

Saturday, April 23 – Hot cross buns for Saturday morning before-Easter breakfast. I think I underestimated the recipe, though, because these are HUGE!!!  I remember my mom making hot cross buns before Easter a few years when I was growing up, and these brought back good memories.

Sunday, April 24 – Happy Easter!    I had Dan take a picture of me and the girls before church this afternoon. They each also *had* to take down one of our egg decorations and hold it for the picture 🙂

Monday, April 25 – I got out my IKEA candleholders and lit some candles tonight. I just love the soft glow of candlelight, and I am realizing that I don’t light candles nearly often enough!

Tuesday, April 26 – Yes, the Easter decorations are still out 🙂  I just had to share this picture of the basket that is on our table – the plastic eggs are from the States, the beaded eggs are from the city where we went to language school, and the basket is made here in Papua!

Wednesday, April 27 – Just a picture of what is on our table this afternoon. Claire wanted to paint a picture, so I got the paints out for her, and kept her busy for quite a while!

Thursday, April 28 – Just a picture of my silly Claire. I don’t remember why I was taking a picture of her, but she is sure hamming it up for the camera, isn’t she?!

Friday, April 29 – I took this picture to send to my uncle. He had an idea of taking pictures of where we live and having them printed and sending them to my grandparents, so that even though they are not online or on e-mail any longer, they will still be able to have pictures of us.  It is a wonderful idea! Unfortunately I completely forgot about his request and it took me a long time to finally get the pictures sent to him! So this one is of Natalie and Claire in our living room 🙂

Saturday, April 30 – This weekend was a ladies retreat put together by the expat womens Bible study group here in Wamena. I didn’t attend the whole weekend but was there for the day on Saturday, including dinner at a local restaurant on Saturday night.  It was good to have a little bit of time away and fellowship with other ladies!

Sunday, May 1 – It’s a beautiful Sunday morning! What should we do? Why, go for a motorcycle ride, of course! Dan had taken the girls for a motorcycle ride yesterday while I was at the retreat, and so Natalie wanted to show me how all 3 of them could fit on the motorcycle together! They were yelling to Dan, “Go fast on the grass! Fast on the grass!”

Monday, May 2 – Happy birthday to me!  I made myself this chocolate mousse cake for my birthday. Unfortunately Dan got stuck in Sentani and couldn’t make it home tonight 😦  My friend Amber invited me and the girls over for dinner on the spur of the moment, and so I took my cake with me to enjoy with them. Don’t worry, there was plenty left over for Dan when he got back home on Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 3 – On Sunday for some reason I got the urge to make a quilt.  Not something I have done in a while. But I had this lovely fabric sitting around and just wanted to make something with it, so I started a quilt based on this tutorial.  Here Dan grabbed the camera and snapped a picture of me trying to figure out what I had already quilted and what still needed to be done!

Wednesday, May 4 – This is one of Natalie’s science projects.  In science last week we learned that the top of a carrot has everything it needs to grow, just add water 🙂 So we cut off the top of a carrot, put it in a jar lid on the windowsill, and waited… about a week later, this is what it looks like!

Thursday, May 5 – I brought back some beads just for making bracelets with the girls (actually, we had bought some charms from the store at Downtown Disney when we visited there on furlough, and I thought we could make bracelets to put the charms on.) I just found them the other day, and Natalie couldn’t wait to make bracelets with me! Here is Claire showing off the bracelets that I “helped” her make 🙂

Friday, May 6 – Just what Claire’s room looks like on a typical evening after a good day of play!

Saturday, May 7 – The girls were invited to the birthday party of a new friend today. Here they are watching the birthday girl blow out her candles.  This girl is a few years older than Natalie, but her younger sister is closer to Natalie’s age. She has so much fun playing with other kids!

Sunday, May 8 – Happy Mothers’ Day! I couldn’t let the day end without getting a picture of me with the girls. Of course nothing ever goes as planned, and right before I wanted to take a picture Claire had changed out of her dress and into her swimsuit! And while Dan was taking pictures, I asked the girls to give me a kiss, and hilarity ensued. So even though the picture is blurry, I still love it, and I think it captures us perfectly 🙂

Monday, May 9 – Natalie showing off her very first loose tooth! No, it’s not super-duper loose yet, but her good friend T has already lost several teeth, so Natalie is eager to lose one of her own!  (In case you were wondering, that’s not blood on her upper lip. She has a little spot there she likes to pick at for some reason, so it’s usually red. There’s not much I can do about it, unfortunately…)

Tuesday, May 10 – Combing Natalie’s hair after her bath tonight. Unfortunately she does not like me to comb or play with her hair as much as I like to do it! But it has to be done!


4 Responses to “Daily Photos: April 21 – May 10”

  1. Jen Says:

    Love those little cards! So cute! And those hot cross bun look delicious!

    Happy late birthday to you! Bummer Dan was late but I hope you were still able to celebrate.

  2. Ah, Sarah, your pictures are always amazing! What kind of camera do you have? I’m in the market . . . in my dreams. 🙂

  3. Linda Says:

    I love the photos of your family, Sarah–you bring us right into your home and show us your real life. Thank you! You have a beautiful family!

  4. Carmen Says:

    Sarah, I love these pictures! Everyone looks happy and enjoying the day.
    Fabulous picture of the gals at the retreat. Love the Easter Fingerprint pictures. And, that is a beautiful quilt!

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