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Daily Photos: May 11 – 26 May 26, 2011

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Wednesday, May 11 -We’re headed to Sentani for a quick trip this afternoon, and I just snapped a picture of the road here in Wamena on our way out.  This is pretty typical here – road just barely wide enough for two cars, people walking on the gravel on the side of the road, or more typically on the road itself, lots of motorcycles and the bicycle rickshaws thrown into the mix as well!

Thursday, May 12 – I didn’t take any pictures in Sentani… it was quite the whirlwind trip. So in the airplane on the way home, I took out my new Nintendo DS (a gift from Dan for my birthday/Mothers Day) and took a quick picture of me and the girls sitting in the airplane 🙂

Friday, May 13 – I didn’t even realize it was “Friday the 13th” today!  Dan took this picture of Claire watching me sew. I love making things!

Saturday, May 14 – My feet. This is what they look like right now, today 🙂  I usually wear jeans. Usually it is warm enough to wear capris during the day but I get cold and end up wanting to change into long pants anyway…  So you will usually find me in jeans. And barefoot around the house. I can’t get away with walking on the rocks outside with bare feet like the girls do, but I’m always barefoot inside. Unless it’s cold enough to wear socks.  And bare-toed, too. Up until recently I ALWAYS had my toenails painted. Never my fingernails. But always my toenails.  But a few weeks ago I took off my toenail polish and just never bothered to re-paint them.  Oh well!

Sunday, May 15 – I cut Dan’s hair yesterday. In the hair-clipper kit we have, there is a little brush that is supposed to be for brushing the little hairs off your neck after your haircut. I used it yesterday and it must have gotten left out because the girls found it. Now they are using it for everything from dusting the furniture to “brushing” each others’ hair 🙂

Monday, May 16 – Natalie has a bit of a stuffy nose these days. Some nights she will complain that she can’t breathe when she lays down, so one night I suggested that we put another pillow under her pillow to raise her head up a bit and make it easier to breathe when she is laying down.  Well, last night she asked me for a THIRD pillow! I argued with her for a bit but then thought, “Really, what’s the harm?” so I gave in.  I thought she might not be able to sleep with her head up that high, but evidently it hasn’t caused her any problems!  My weird child 🙂

Tuesday, May 17 – I went outside to take a picture of a lovely flower that popped up in our garden.  As I was snapping pictures, Claire bounced over, grabbed the flower, and stuck her face in it. “It smells so good, Mommy!”

Wednesday, May 18 – Natalie was sitting at the table playing with play-dough when I walked by. “Mommy, are you going to take a picture of me?” Well, I wasn’t planning on it, actually, but since you asked, I will!

Thursday, May 19 – Claire started getting these little blisters on her hands so I took this picture to send to my dad (who is a doctor) for a long-distance diagnosis.  Evidently somehow Claire got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  She has had a bit of a fever recently so this makes sense.  (Just in case you are wondering, she got better pretty quickly, and despite warnings from friends of how contagious this virus is, Natalie hasn’t even come down with it, a week later.)

Friday, May 20 – Aaah, the beginning of our weekend vacation in Timika!  It’s a fairly short flight over to Timika and the hotel is reasonably priced, so Dan’s plan has been to take a little mini-vacation every few months.  We are looking forward to spending a few days out of Wamena!  This little pond with statues is right outside the hotel lobby.

Saturday, May 21 – My little fish is sure enjoying her time in the water! We don’t have any kind of a swimming pool at all in Wamena, so when we come here we try to spend as much time in the pool as we can!

Sunday, May 22 – Brrr! Today is cool and rainy!  We came down to the pool despite the rain and overcast sky, and Dan is swimming with the girls. I sat out on the pool chair and ordered a cappuccino!

Monday, May 23 – More swimming!  It’s still cloudy and rainy today but we are swimming anyway!

Tuesday, May 24 – Heading back to Wamena today.  I was taking pictures of some of the beautiful scenery around the hotel and the girls wanted a picture with me and them and the fountain. Well, my mad picture taking skillz don’t show so well when it’s a self-portrait, squatting on the ground with the girls leaning on me! So here you have the beautiful fountain in the background coming out of Natalie’s head… oh well!

Wednesday, May 25 – The girls took Dan’s camera away from me and have been passing it back and forth, taking pictures.  So here is one that Natalie took of Claire. I have no idea what Claire is doing. She usually likes to show her age on her fingers like that, but she is 3 and not 2… hmmm…

Thursday, May 26 – Just a little bit of happiness on the wall in my kitchen… a little wreath I brought back from the States. I think it is supposed to be Easter decor, but I love the colors and it makes me happy every time I see it so it is staying up 🙂


5 Responses to “Daily Photos: May 11 – 26”

  1. Sallie Says:

    Beautiful as usual, Sarah! And Dan’s haircut looks great! 🙂

  2. Your blog has to be so welcome to your parents and grandparents. Our granddaughter in Memphis has two boys–Jacob, 6 and Josh, 1. She has been so good to send pictures almost every day with comments. It helps us to feel like we know them well, can watch the growth and activity with which they enjoy. Your blog certainly exudes enthusiasm, creativity and a warm sense of enjoyment. Thanks for sharing with us. It’s a good means of enjoying the differences of culture and how you keep yours alive. Your daughters show the same enthusiasm for life and learning!

    Thanks! Marilyn Lightfoot

  3. Carmen Says:

    Sarah, I adore that picture of her with her nose in the flower! So very sweet. What girl can’t resist flowers?
    I am glad she is feeling better too. How wonderful that you have a Dad as a Dr while you are on the mission field. I am sure in many cases it takes the small worries away.
    So, what are you sewing? Make sure you show us! 😉

  4. Jen Says:

    That picture of Claire smelling the flower is gorgeous!

  5. Lacey Says:

    Aunt Sarah, I think that Claire is doing the peace sign in Wednesday’s picture.

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