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Daily Photos: May 27 – June 13 June 15, 2011

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Friday, May 27 – Another picture taken with my DS.  Natalie was watching me do something, and asked me to take a picture of her.  I wonder why the picture is reversed, though… I can tell by looking at the background that it looks like I’m looking in a mirror. Hmm.


Saturday, May 28 – Broccoli!   There is a lady here who goes to the market for several of us on Saturdays. She knows we like broccoli, but it’s not to be found very often (like once a year!) Today she came back from the market with broccoli!  Claire especially loves broccoli so instead of putting it in a stir-fry or casserole I will probably just steam it and we will all enjoy it!


Sunday, May 29 – Claire is definitely my little “mommy.”  Natalie enjoys playing with dolls to a certain extent, but Claire really loves playing house, making things in their little kitchen, and being a mommy to her babies.  This morning she had wrapped up her baby in her blankie and was going to put the baby down for a rest.


Monday, May 30 – Happy Memorial Day!  It’s not a holiday here, but… Dan had the day off today (due to having to fly on Saturday), school is out (so the teachers are off), an interior family is in town, and so we decided to have an impromptu barbecue for lunch.  So much fun to just hang out with friends on what normally would have been a work day!


Tuesday, May 31 – Late this afternoon the girls asked me if they could play with water outside. Well, I don’t want to be one of those moms who says “No” all the time, and since I didn’t really have any good reason to tell them no, I said “yes.”  Not long after that I went to go find them because it was dinner time, and found them jumping on the trampoline at their friend’s house… in their swimsuits!  So much fun!


Wednesday, June 1 – Just one of my daily rituals. I don’t like standing at the bathroom mirror to do my makeup, so I usually sit on the bed facing one of our windows, and do my makeup in the morning.


Thursday, June 2 – Today is a holiday here (Ascension Day – the day Jesus went back up to heaven) so my house helper has the day off.  Rather than leaving the usual laundry for her to do tomorrow, I just did it myself. This afternoon when i went to get the sheets off the line, the sun was so nice and warm, and I thought, “there’s nothing better than sleeping on fresh sheets that have been line-dried all day!” and I took this picture of the sheets flapping in the breeze … then when I was taking the sheets off the line, I noticed that a bird had pooped on one of my sheets. Oh well, so much for that!


Friday, June 3 – For the last couple of days Natalie has made a list of activities to do each day. Of course, since she can’t write yet, her activities are drawn. And then as she, Claire, and her friend T complete each activity, she crossed it off the list.  I don’t know exactly which is which, but the list includes: eating popsicles/snack, playing animals, playing dress up, reading stories, etc 🙂


Saturday, June 4 – The girls were being awfully quiet this afternoon, and this is how I found them – Natalie “reading” stories to Claire on the couch. So sweet!


Sunday, June 5 – Dan reading the girls a bedtime story before bed!


Monday, June 6 – I like aprons. Well, I like the idea of aprons. I don’t always wear an apron when I cook/bake, but I am getting better at it now, that I have so many cute aprons! I have even made aprons for the girls, and now Claire has to wear her apron every time she plays in her play kitchen!


Tuesday, June 7 – Woke up to fog outside this morning. Natalie ran outside, and when I asked her what she was doing, she said she was going to “touch the fog.” 🙂


Wednesday, June 8 – I got the organizing bug the last day or so, and have been re-arranging and cleaning up various parts of the house. I ended up with this extra basket, so I put it in the living room with quilts and blankets rolled up inside. So cozy! It’s always nice to have a blanket to wrap up in at night here!


Thursday, June 9 – Another craft with my girl. Today we made pinwheels.  They are colorful and fun, and I had fun making them with Natalie!


Friday, June 10 – Enjoying a popsicle for a snack outside on the porch this morning!


Saturday, June 11 – The computer game of choice these days in our house is definitely Plants vs. Zombies. Natalie loves to play it, and even asks Dan and I to play, just so she can watch us.


Sunday, June 12 – It’s Sunday night and that means popcorn for dinner!  I had just put this huge bowl of popcorn on the table and Claire had to lean over to sniff it 🙂


Monday, June 13 – I guess Dan had a hankering for cinnamon raisin bread, because he asked me to make some today. I was happy to oblige 🙂


7 Responses to “Daily Photos: May 27 – June 13”

  1. Jen Says:

    Yum! i LOVE cinnamon raisin bread! I’ve had that happen to my sheets before. Too funny! The sky in that pic is amazing! Love the clouds and the blue!

  2. Carrie Says:

    Your bread looks yummy and hooray for finding broccoli! Love those quilts/blankets too. 🙂

  3. Jennifer H. Says:

    That is a GREAT photo of the fog!!! The trees on the sides frame it so perfectly, and Natalie is so completely carefree!! Do you ever print your photos? That’d be a framer for sure!

  4. So happy that you eat popcorn for dinner . . . bet you don’t smoke out the building, though. :0)

  5. Gracia M. Says:

    Thanks for all the pictures. The bread looks wonderful. I can almost smell it.

  6. grannykaren Says:

    so good to be able to see your daily photos after so long away. and so wonderful to be home in my house. you sure are talented making everything from scratch. soory about the bird droppings my househelper was taking her trash out and a bird dropped on the back of her shirt so she had to go in take a shower and change clothes and was half hour late. but still got the floors cleaned and laundry done so i was thankful even if i didn’t get other things finished .

  7. Kim Says:

    The fog photo is SO cool!
    Does Natalie get her organizing/list making skills from you? 🙂
    I’d eat popcorn every night if I could 🙂 However, Ivan’s not a big fan and he doesn’t even like the smell 😦 So I try to limit myself to the treat when he’s not home. LOL

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