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Daily Photos: June 14 – 23 June 24, 2011

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Tuesday, June 14 – It has been COLD here lately! Well, cold for here, anyway!  It was cloudy and rainy all day today so Dan built a fire in the fireplace this afternoon and has kept it going until this evening. Such a nice cozy way to stay warm!


Wednesday, June 15 – Today Natalie found a little cicak (chee-chock), or gecko, wandering around our house. She loves to catch them and “play” with them, and pretend they are her pets.  So far I have convinced her that the cicaks are better off “with their families” and that she shouldn’t keep it in a jar.  This one was TINY but pretty cute… as far as cicaks go!


Thursday, June 16 – This afternoon Natalie was lonely. Claire was napping, and her friend T didn’t want to play with her. So I raided the “gift tote” and pulled out this Cinderella bead kit. This afternoon we have been working on it together, and I love the time spent with my Natalie girl!


Friday, June 17 – Happy Anniversary to us!  I can’t believe it has been 11 years already since I said “I do” to my best friend! Here’s to many more years together!


Saturday, June 18 – Today Claire woke up a little sad from her nap, so I took advantage of that and snuggled with her for a while. Love those snuggle times!


Sunday, June 19 – Happy Father’s Day!  Can you believe this is the only picture I got of Dan and the girls together?  Yes, Dan IS doing the dishes on Father’s Day! What a great hubby I have!  After the girls’ bath, Dan was doing the dishes, and the girls got it in their heads that they wanted to “help” him!


Monday, June 20 – Today Claire picked these 3 little flowers and brought them in to me, so of course I had to put them in a pretty little blue vase and display them!


Tuesday, June 21 – It was raining this afternoon, and Natalie was out playing with her friend T. Of course, they weren’t playing inside… they were outside playing in the rain! So when she came in all soaked, I had to get a picture of my wet girl!


Wednesday, June 22 – I took the girls shopping this morning, and we stopped at the bakery. The girls each picked out a treat, and here Claire shows off her “donut sate”, or mini donuts on a stick! I am not sure you would ever find these at Krispy Kreme!


Thursday, June 23 – This afternoon I introduced Natalie to the fun of origami.  I found a little pack of origami paper at the store yesterday for only about $1.50 so I picked up, found some instructions online, and Natalie and I had a fun afternoon making origami shapes! Here you see the talking dog, crown, and ladybug!


3 Responses to “Daily Photos: June 14 – 23”

  1. Gracia M. Says:

    Great pictures of your girls. My grand-daughter and her friend came over last evening to show me the teeniest frog I had ever seen. They named him Tiny. They were planning to let him go later. Happy (late) Anniversary!

  2. Those little lizards look exactly like our lizards here. A lot of native Floridians will hang them in their ears as earrings. I would imagine that they don’t stay there too long…

    I had one a few years ago as a friend. She used to come and greet me everytime I went outside and I would talk to her. She’d bounce her little head up and down as if in agreement. I knew she was a she since I discovered her involved in sexual activity and then…..voila…she started having the big belly. And then…she disappeared.

  3. Carmen Says:

    Happy Anniversary! How excited for y’all. I hope it was a wonderful day. And, I hope he had a good Father’s day as well.

    Love all those craft pictures and all those smiles! Can’t blame you for getting all those snuggles! Your girls are adorable.

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