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Daily Photos: June 24 – July 10 July 11, 2011

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Thought I’d better catch up on my daily photos before we leave for a week of conference tomorrow!  I probably won’t post again before we leave, so keep us in your prayers as we “camp out” for a week!

Friday, June 24 – Cold again today so I thought hot chocolate sounded good. And of course if hot chocolate is good, hot chocolate with marshmallows is even better!  Can’t just run out and buy marshmallows here, so I made some late this afternoon on the spur of the moment. And the girls enjoyed licking the marshmallow fluff beaters!


Saturday, June 25 – The girls got up before we did this morning, and when we got up, we found them snuggling with each other on the couch! So sweet!


Sunday, June 26 – Sunday evening and the sunset is awfully pretty. Of course the direction of the sunset is also our back wall and lots of buildings! Can’t get up high enough to cut out the extra stuff, but this way you get to see what we see!


Monday, June 27 – Finished the girls’ kitty hats today. I wanted to make them hats for conference (assuming it will be cold there, too, like it has been here!) and found this cute kitty hat pattern. They love their kitty hats, but they also love to pull them down over their faces so they are more like kitty masks! (If you are a fellow knitter and on Ravelry, you can see my project pages here and here.)


Tuesday, June 28 – Egg rolls for dinner tonight!  I ground up a chunk of pork I had in the freezer, made the filling, and rolled the egg rolls. Then I took out what we’d need for dinner tonight and froze the rest (I made 40 total!) so that I could just pull them out of the freezer later when we need a quick dinner!


Wednesday, June 29 – Tea party for the girls today! They were asking if they could have a tea party, and I remembered this tea set that Granny bought for Natalie when Natalie was just a wee baby. I have saved it all this time and just pulled it out now for the girls! They sure enjoyed their tea party!


Thursday, June 30 – My beautiful Claire girl! As you can see she wanted more tea party (although she is just by herself today!) so I let her have a cup of tea in her little teacup, all by herself!


Friday, July 1 – This afternoon we are having a cookout for our co-workers who just returned from furlough. They brought a few things back for us, too, which you can see Claire sporting… she is wearing her Fancy Nancy dress from Granny and holding onto her new Webkinz kitty while watching the other kids play.


Saturday, July 2 – Berries! One of the things I miss the most about summer in the States is the summer fruit… strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, etc… Yum!  Well, we can’t get all those here, but we DO have a little scraggly berry bush in our yard! We pick a few berries off every day and sure enjoy them!


Sunday, July 3 – African violets! Dan has always loved african violets (when we were first married, we had a whole “family” of them in our house!)  Now that we are here, he hasn’t gotten that many started, but there is one that lives on our front porch. It wasn’t doing very well until I figured out that the yard guy was generously watering it twice a week, and I asked him to only water it once  a week. It is doing much better now- look at those flowers!


Monday, July 4 – Happy Independence Day!  This evening we headed over to a friends’ house for a pie social with the (few) other American expats here in Wamena.  On the way over, the girls took turns carrying our little American flag. Dan gave them two rules about the flag – #1 – don’t let it touch the ground, and #2 – don’t hit anybody with it! 🙂


Tuesday, July 5 – Natalie wanted to climb in Claire’s bed tonight and give her some kisses before she went to bed, but Claire evidently didn’t want the kisses Natalie was giving her… At least they were both smiling! 🙂


Wednesday, July 6 – Another cold, rainy day… and my kids wanted to go outside in their swimsuits and play in the puddles! Oh well, what’s the harm, right?!  It was after this that I was giving them a bath and scalded Claire’s back with  hot water… 😦


Thursday, July 7 – Claire was playing with water outside, washing her dolls and stuff, and decided it would a good idea to put soapy water on our cat.  He actually tolerated it for a while before getting out of there 🙂


Friday, July 8 – Claire in her pretty princess dress, putting on makeup along with Mommy in the morning!


Saturday, July 9 – My new e-reader! My generous friend Laura sent me this Sony e-reader and I am SO looking forward to using it at conference next week!  Today I decided it needed a case, so I made it this cozy little case for it to live in.  Thank you, Laura, for my new toy!!!!


Sunday, July 10 – Sunshine!  We have had some sunshine this weekend so before church this afternoon Dan and the girls took advantage of the sun and played frisbee on the soccer field outside for a while. So much fun! Look! You can actually see the mountains!


3 Responses to “Daily Photos: June 24 – July 10”

  1. I love your photography! I wish I had the desire to learn how to use my camera. At least my hubby loves it!

  2. You whip up knit caps, make cozy e-reader cases on the fly, and make your own MARSHMALLOWS??? Girl, you’re my hero!

  3. Carmen Says:

    I always enjoy the pictures of each day! Love the last picture with the glimpse of the moutains.

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