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Daily Photos: July 11 – August 3 August 3, 2011

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Monday, July 11 – Got out a bead kit from the States for some crafty fun with the girls.

Tuesday, July 12 thru Monday, July 18 – See my conference post here 🙂

Tuesday, July 19 – Back from conference and back to the exercise again.  I went out walk/jogging this morning and with my friend Amber in the States I have been using my iPod a lot more.  (it was a gift from a friend at the end of our furlough last year… thanks Gaye Marie!!!)  I did make a handy little case for it a while back – makes it easier to hold onto while exercising 🙂 You might notice some of the rubber is missing on the earpieces… at first I thought maybe a certain 3-year-old had been nibbling on them, but then realized that it is the cockroaches who like the taste of rubber – YUCK!

Wednesday, July 20 –  I bought these beans from a lady who came to our door yesterday afternoon. I have never seen beans like this before, especially here! We are glad to get fresh red beans, but I have never seen any other variety of beans here.  These are very interesting, and I think they are pretty! Even the pods had an interesting pattern on it, and it seemed like the color of the pod matched the color of the bean inside.  I looked it up, and as far as I can tell, these are called cranberry beans. I ended up making a soup with them, using some leftover ham. Yum!


Thursday, July 21 – My little princess, washing her hands before dinner 🙂


Friday, July 22 – We have lots of stuffed animals, and even though my girls usually have to have a “stuffie” to sleep with at night, it is not often the same one every night. They are often re-discovering old favorites, and today Natalie found these puppy dogs – of course they are a “mommy and baby”!  I think my sister Ruth gave Natalie these puppies when Natalie was just a baby!

Saturday, July 23 – The ants are crazy here!!!  Interestingly enough, the ants don’t usually go for the sugar. They go for bread, meat, fat, etc.  So when I left Claire’s leftover tuna sandwich out for a while after lunch… didn’t take long for the ants to find it!!!

Sunday, July 24 – We got a little care package from my parents yesterday. Some treats for the girls, and some treats for me!  Today I am wearing my new scarf from my mom (Ecuadorian, of course!) and a bag of one of my favorite treats – turron!  I don’t think I’ll be sharing that particular treat with anyone else!

Monday, July 25 –  Outside fun! This afternoon before dinner, the girls spent some time playing outside. There weren’t enough swings for all the kids that wanted to use them, so they doubled up!  Here Natalie and her friend are spinning around and around on the swing!

Tuesday, July 26 – One of the many places we find Leo – sleeping in our garden…

Wednesday, July 27 – The girls were going a little stir-crazy so I got out a can of shaving cream and the food coloring. Keeps ’em entertained for a while!  But beware… if you try it, it WILL get all over their clothes! Thankfully it didn’t stain at all, even with the food coloring.

Thursday, July 28 – Another crafty activity.  Making spin art using your salad spinner!   I had some powdered paints that I got from leftover conference VBS supplies a couple years ago, so I mixed those up and we had fun making spin art!  I think it would have been a bit better if the paint would have been thicker, but you use what you got, right?!  (for those of you wondering where I got the idea, I am honestly not that creative! I got the idea at Momtastic.)


Friday, July 29 – Kind of a rainy dreary day today, so it is nice to have a yummy scented candle to burn and enjoy!


Saturday, July 30 – This weekend we have had some time to hang out with friends of ours who recently returned from another part of Indonesia, where they went to have their 2nd baby! The girls are fascinated with baby Ayla and love to hold and snuggle her! (No, there are no more babies in our near future!)

Sunday, July 31 – Dan found some iron-on transfer paper and had an idea to make a t-shirt that said “DeSalvo’s Pizza” with a picture of us underneath the words. We took this picture of us wearing aprons and then he used an online program to edit it before ironing the words and picture onto his t-shirt!  I’ll have t share a picture of the finished shirt in another post!

Monday, August 1 – Dan has been wanting Mexican food for a while so I thought I would oblige him tonight, especially since we are having some guests over for dinner.  Of course, since I didn’t plan ahead and order tortillas from Sentani, that means making my own tortillas from scratch!  It has taken me quite a few tries before getting to a place where I am happy with my homemade tortillas, but I think I’ve got a good method now.  It is just a LOT of work! In fact, I think today I gave myself a blister rolling out 2 dozen tortillas!


Tuesday, August 2 – Caught Claire in Natalie’s room this morning, with an ABC computer game on the computer they use for kids’ games.  She was playing the “ABC song” over and over, and dancing to the music! So cute!


Wednesday, August 3 – Went to the store this morning, and much to my surprise I found these tiny little plastic clamshell containers of strawberries in the refrigerated case!  I picked out only 4 of them, since I was sure that they would be pretty expensive. I have NEVER seen strawberries here in Wamena before, and have heard they only very rarely are available in Sentani (very rarely like once or twice a year!) The girls love strawberries so I thought I would indulge and get this treat for them. Sure enough, when they rung them up at the cashier… $1 per package! Yikes! Oh well, if you can get it, get it, right?!


3 Responses to “Daily Photos: July 11 – August 3”

  1. Ricky and Heather Lundholm Says:

    I was just wondering today if there were strawberries available in Indonsesia…especially Papua. So glad you got to get some yummy treats!

  2. Carrie Says:

    Lots of great pictures.The strawberries weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. You got, what? Approx. 20 strawberries for $4? In the wintertime around here, you pay $4+ fpr a package of 25-30. The real question is, how did they taste?? 🙂 Love the photo of those beans – what great colors and patterns!

  3. Charlotte Says:

    I really enjoy your daily photos. Just yesterday I was thinking that I wanted to try making my own tortillas too. What we both need now is a tortillas press. 🙂 Blessings!

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