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Daily Photos: August 4 – 15 August 17, 2011

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Thursday, August 4 – Dinner time! Claire wanted to take a bath before dinner (I think she was itchy from playing in the grass outside) so she bathed while the rest of us ate. And then ate dinner in her nightgown after her bath.  Here she shows off what’s left of her homemade corndog – just the stick!


Friday, August 5 – Bead time! Claire loves making projects with these fusible beads. Hers are usually of the random variety. Not much pattern here. But she has a lot of fun doing it!


Saturday, August 6 – Cookout time!  We are welcoming a new family to our base today. (actually, they are a not-so-new family… Beth lived here with her family before her husband was killed in an airplane crash. She remarried to one of the MAF pilots here last October and now they are back here in Wamena!) We are also saying goodbye to one of the families who will be gone for a couple months of furlough – the girls’ friend T who is right behind Claire in this picture.


Sunday, August 7 – Pretty flowers in our front yard. Do you see the butterfly and the bee?  I just love all the beautiful vibrant colors!


Monday, August 8 – More beads. When I walked in the room and saw the beads all over the floor, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry! Claire dumped them all over the floor, so I told her that she would have to help me clean them up.  She wasn’t too happy about it, but her friend T chipped in (this is their last day before furlough) and so it went pretty quickly.


Tuesday, August 9 – The girls were itching to do something creative so I got out the paints we used for the spiral art, and I let them paint to their hearts’ content. (I LOVE this brown paper we can get here – it is coated on one side – supposed to be used for wrapping up little food parcels, like rice, noodles, etc – but I use it for LOTS of things!  I love that when the girls paint on it, the paint doesn’t leak through to the other side!)

Wednesday, August 10 – More Natalie creativity. She wanted me to print a couple of pictures for her, and then went crazy with the glitter glue. I think a couple of the colors got used up completely… oh well!  She has been wanting to read Harold and the Purple Crayon a lot lately, and when I found this picture she was thrilled – Harold has a pterodactyl for a friend!  (When my girls play dinosaurs, they are always pterodactyls or archeopteryx!)


Thursday, August 11 – The parade is in town!  Natalie tied the little wagon to the back of the school bus, and then came down the hall saying it was a parade! She even threw candy! (I wonder how much of the parade itself was just an excuse to eat candy… :-))

Friday, August 12 – Isn’t it interesting how no one has to teach kids that it’s funny to put their (clean) underwear on their heads?!


Saturday, August 13 – I was just sitting in Dan’s recliner, watching Natalie do something, when Claire climbed up behind me and gave me a sweet hug. So here we are.  Lazy Saturday morning, no makeup yet or anything 🙂


Sunday, August 14 – Playtime with the girls outside in the afternoon before church.  “Look, Mommy! No hands!”


Monday, August 15 – I was busy with something else this morning and realized I hadn’t seen Claire in a while. When I went searching for her, I found that she had put her swimsuit on all by herself (can you tell it’s on backwards?!) and gone outside to play with the hose and water the plants.


3 Responses to “Daily Photos: August 4 – 15”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I had those same beads as a kid and LOVED them. In fact, I think my mom still has a couple of my creations hanging on their Christmas tree each year! 😉

    Any news on your jaw or how it’s doing?

    Have fun with Beth and Kevin and the fam now that they’re up there. They came through E’ton and spoke at EAC while they were here – good to hear the “rest of the story” so to speak.

    • junglewife Says:

      Yeah, the problem with those beads is what do you DO with the creations once they are done?! I think I need to get the girls a little rubbermaid-type box each so they have a place to put all their treasures and creations!!!

      Nothing new with my jaw. It’s still “broken”. Not sure what I will do. I think at some point I need to say “If it’s not better by (insert decided-upon date here) then I will (insert plan of action.)” We’ll see…

      It really is fun to have Kevin and Beth here. Dan is pretty close with Kevin so it is nice for him to have his good friend back here. They mentioned the good time they had at EAC and that they met lots of people who know us 🙂

  2. Jen Says:

    Such cute pictures of your girls! Good to know that the swimsuit is on backwards. It looked a little low!

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