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Favorite Recipes – Macaroni Salad September 4, 2011

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I hesitate even to post this because it’s so easy. But I keep coming back to this recipe again and again, just because it is so easy and delicious! I first made this when we were living in Tennessee and can’t even count the number of times I’ve made it since then.   Just about every time we have a potluck, I have to make my trusty ol’ macaroni salad! Hopefully you will enjoy it just as much as we do!


I don’t even remember where I got the recipe and I don’t even have it written down because I tweak it a bit every time I make it, so I will just give you the general guidelines.


Start with 2 cups of macaroni noodles (or you can use spiral noodles, whatever your preference. You want something pretty small, though – makes it easier to serve and eat!)  Boil the noodles until they are al dente.


While the noodles are boiling, chop your veggies.  I generally use one cucumber (or several since they are smaller here than 1 cucumber in the States!), a half an onion, a couple tomatoes, etc.  You can use whatever veggies you want.  Carrots, green/red peppers, even a nice firm avocado diced up would make a nice addition.   I try to dice everything so they are about the same size.  Dump all your veggies into a medium-sized bowl. You will want about 3 cups of chopped veggies, just to have a nice veggie-to-pasta ratio. I never measure my veggies, though. 🙂


You can also add some fresh chopped herbs if you like. Dill, parsley, basil and/or cilantro are all good choices. I have only started adding herbs recently, though, so if you don’t have any on hand, don’t worry about it – it will still taste good!

Looks so pretty in the bowl!


Then mix up your dressing. The ingredients are: milk, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Really, that’s it!  I generally mix up 1 cup of milk to 1 cup of mayo, add a couple tablespoons of lemon juice, and then salt/pepper to taste.  I have also subbed yogurt for part of the mayo, and I suppose you could even sub all yogurt if you want to be really healthy or if you don’t have mayo available where you are.  Mix up your dressing, and taste it to make sure it tastes the way you like it. Add more salt/pepper/lemon as needed.

Then, when your pasta is done, drain it, rinse it in cool water, and add it to the veggies along with the dressing.

That’s it! You’re done!  I know, it doesn’t look that appetizing, but trust me, it tastes really good!


So, the next time you need a quick and easy macaroni salad, try this “recipe” with the veggies you have on hand.  But not if you live in Wamena and are going to a potluck that I will also be at. Because chances are I will also be bringing the same salad! 🙂


4 Responses to “Favorite Recipes – Macaroni Salad”

  1. Carmen Says:

    This looks fantastic. Easy Recipes that are so yummy are what I am short on when it comes to cold salads. I will give this a try while we are on the road.

  2. Ellie Says:

    I am making this tomorrow since my husband invited guests and I have no lettuce growing and the stores are shut.

  3. MF Says:

    Hey, your Chocolate Chunk cookies have made their way into our “favorite file” – we will take all Sarah recipes very seriously! (And we are waiting for Ruth/Jason/Zoe baby news…)
    LOVE! f.

  4. Kim Says:

    I love pasta salads and am definitely going to try this one! I like recipes that give you the freedom to use what you have on hand 🙂

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