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What not to say… October 4, 2011

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I’ve said a lot of stupid things in my life, but I’m pretty sure this ranks up near the top.

We’re all dealing with a lot in the aftermath of Paul’s accident.    Recently I was thinking that I’m sure our girls are having their own thoughts on all of this as well.  We haven’t talked directly to them much about it, but they hear our conversations, and honestly, they don’t miss much. They are very perceptive.

So, last night, before Natalie went to bed, I talked to her a bit, and just wanted to reassure her that she could talk to us if she got worried or scared or anything.  Here’s how part of the conversation went:

Me: So, Natalie, you know how there was an airplane that crashed?

Natalie: Yeah…

Me: And the pilot died…

Natalie: He DIED?!?!


Um, yeah. Not one of my better moments.

Thankfully, she didn’t seem too upset, and we had a nice long talk about how the pilot is with Jesus, and about heaven, and how God keeps us all safe every day, even Daddy when he flies, etc.  So it all came out okay, as far as I can tell.  But I think that should go on record as one of the worst things to say to your 5-year-old right before bedtime.  Oops.


2 Responses to “What not to say…”

  1. Gracia M. Says:

    Yesterday I stayed home from church because my heart rhythm was out of whack again. It always goes back to normal on its own, and the doc says my heart is fine and this is just an “inconvenience.” Anyway my 4 yr. old grand-daughter wondered where I was and her mom told her my heart wasn’t working right. As soon as she walked in the door after church she asked how my heart was, then proceeded to tell me that her Grandpa Jan (her other grandma’s boyfriend) died because his heart was broken. (He had a heart attack.) Of course she could see I was fine, but her mom wished she had just said I was sick.
    I think little kids are more accepting of death than grown-ups are. I’m glad your conversation had a good ending too.

    • junglewife Says:

      Ha ha! Yeah, kids say things we wished they hadn’t sometimes, too 🙂

      I think Natalie’s thoughts went immediately to heaven, and started talking about being with God, etc. Which is great, I think! I was just hoping that she wouldn’t start thinking of – well, Daddy’s a pilot, and his plane could crash, etc…. God is good despite our mistakes!


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