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Daily Photos: September 9 – October 1 October 7, 2011

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Oh. My. Word. It has taken me for stinking forever to write this post!  Yes, these pictures only go through October 1. And today is October 7. But I actually started the post on October 1. Yes, really. Our internet has been so slow that it has taken me this long to get it finished!  If I was on the internet and it seemed like it was half-decently fast, I would try to log on to WordPress and get a couple pictures uploaded. And it has taken me this long to finish it all! Yes, I resize my pictures. The internet is just. that. slow. Ugh.  But, I am grateful that it even works at all!  So, here you are. 🙂

Friday, September 9 – The other day I took a friend to the little shop in town where you can actually find cotton yarn, and picked some up for myself. Decided it would be a good day to make a dishcloth, after all the more difficult knitting I have been doing lately!

Saturday, September 10 – Dan and Natalie whiling away the hours this lazy Saturday playing a game.  Natalie is very good at these memory games!

Sunday, September 11 – Those of us that remember that day 10 years ago will never forget it. Tonight I spent some time watching some of the memorials on TV. It’s Sunday night here but it’s Sunday morning in the States. We can get Fox News live, so it is interesting to see the events as they unfold this morning of September 11, 10 years later.

Monday, September 12 – We have an abundance of these little orange-yellow “berries” growing on our bushes outside. As far as I know, they’re not good for anything except for Claire spending time picking them off and throwing them on the ground!

Tuesday, September 13 – When the vegetable sellers come around to my door during the week, I never know what they’ll have!  Today was a nice bunch of carrots with the green stems still attached. The girls like it when I peel the carrot but leave the green on, and they hold it by the “handle”, eating the carrot and saying “What’s up, Doc?”, pretending they’re Bugs Bunny.

Wednesday, September 14 – Natalie wanted me to make bagels today. She didn’t want cinnamon-raisin bagels, which is what I normally make, so I decided to make blueberry bagels with some dried blueberries we recently received in a car package from a supporter.  I thought it was a great idea, but Natalie didn’t like them as well as I thought she would. Oh well, Dan and I think they’re delicious!

Thursday, September 15 – We went to the store today and saw some plastic play food for sale. Natalie begged me to buy it but I didn’t. When we got home, I got out the fabric play food I had bought from IKEA on furlough and gave it to the girls to play with!

Friday, September 16 – Dan is in Sentani for meetings tonight. Before the girls went to bed I called Dan on the phone so they could say goodnight to him.

Saturday, September 17 – Had some friends over for dinner tonight, and we ended the night by roasting marshmallows (from Singapore!) over our little gas grill. We were going to make a fire but it was just not cold enough for the fire, so the gas grill did the trick!

Sunday, September 18 – A while ago Dan’s mom sent some sparkly fabric for me to make something for the girls. (At least, I am assuming that is what it was for… definitely not for me! Ha!) Anyway, I used the simple tutorial available here and made skirts for the girls – I actually used double the fabric width in order to make them extra-full. And the girls love them! But they do leave a trail of glitter everywhere they go!

Monday, September 19 – More fun playtime with the play food I gave the girls last week.  This time they put a quilt over the coffee table in the living room and are playing “house” in there.

Tuesday, September 20 – Natalie saw an idea for this beanbag game on a TV show called “Art Attack” and made it by herself!  Well, she had a little help from me cutting out the circles, but other than that it was all her doing! The girls sure enjoyed playing the game outside after Natalie finished it!

Wednesday, September 21 – Came home from ladies’ Bible Study this afternoon and found this evidence that Dan had been making cookies with the girls! Sure, it was a mix we had been given by a friend, but still – I’m pretty impressed at his ambitiousness when it comes to afternoon activities with the girls!

Thursday, September 22 – I have had this soft scarf for a while but never knew what to wear it with. So today I just put it on… and I feel like I should be cheering for the Denver Broncos or something… 🙂  Anyway, it made me warm and happy, so I left it on all day!

Friday, September 23 – Who needs a beach when you can go surfing in your own living room?! And yes, Claire did put her swimsuit on just so she could pretend to go surfing on that little beach board 🙂

Saturday, September 24 – Natalie got a new issue of her magazine today, and while we were reading it, she saw an idea of building a play swimming pool with wooden blocks. Evidently it must’ve sparked something in her imagination because a couple hours later she showed me her finished creation – a Duplo swimming pool for her Littlest Pet Shop animals! I’m especially impressed with the toothpick-and-play-dough umbrellas, and the lifeguard tower!

Sunday, September 25 – One of the girls’ new favorite things to do is to pretend they’re an airplane and have Dan “fly” them around the house. It might be fun for them, but I’m not sure Dan’s back feels the same way!

Monday, September 26 – Out and about this morning, saw the neighbors’ clothes drying on the bushes. Laundry day!

Tuesday, September 27 – Snack time for the girls… they do enjoy their popsicles!

Wednesday, September 28 – Meat, meat… glorious meat!  A freezer full of meat! Between the Aroma order we got a couple weeks ago and the 10 kilos of beef I cut up this afternoon, I think we have enough meat to keep us going for a while!  (although buried under there I still have a  5 kilo chunk of pork that I need to thaw and grind up for sausage…  well, that is a project for another day!)


Thursday, September 29 – Natalie wanted to do a craft today. I remembered I had these glittery fall leaves that I brought back from furlough, so she helped me glue them onto a ribbon and hang them on our mantel. A little touch of fall!

Friday, September 30 – Claire had something she wanted to label with her name, so she asked me how to write her name.  I don’t think she’s ever tried it before. So I said, let’s practice on a piece of paper first. She needed some help with the letter “R” but other than that she made the letters all by herself!

Saturday, October 1 – Natalie always likes playing with baby Ayla when our friends come over for dinner!


5 Responses to “Daily Photos: September 9 – October 1”

  1. Marissa Says:

    All of your pictures are really awesome, Sarah. You have an eye for photography. Jim thinks so, too. He was sitting here with me on the couch when I was looking at them, and he commented, “She even makes her freezer look interesting.”

  2. britney Says:

    So much to say about this post…
    1. I TOTALLY get the being thankful for slow internet thing. 😉
    2. Can you share your bagel recipe? Pretty, pretty please??? That’s one of the things I CANNOT get in Haiti–even if I am willing to pay and arm and a leg.
    3. Bushes in Haiti also double as clothes lines.

    I love these picture updates. It’s such a good way to document the little things in life. Maybe I will start a 365 project when I get back to Haiti.

  3. Carmen Says:

    Hey! We received your DVD. It probably was here at the house for awhile but we just drove home for a long weekend. Chris and I really enjoyed watching it. He has now totally convienced me that an advanced short/soft field landing course would be fun to do! Ha! Fun for him! While Dan is flying off the runway with a valley below, Chris says “Beautiful”. And, my mouth dropped and I said, ‘Scary!” Giggle. I am still getting use to the details you know. I suppose if I got use to our special ops flying I can get use to this too. Although I am really of the opinion that somethings I just don’t need to know right away and it is better to easy me into it! 😉

    Love all the pictures as usual! The girls are precious! Duplo Legos are a favorite here too and so are cookie cutters! The Laundry day picture makes me smile. And, of course, I think your scarf looks comfy cute!


  4. Jennifer H. Says:

    What a beautiful quilt! Did you make that??

  5. Jen Says:

    I love seeing all of Natalie’s creativity! Are you going to show us your dishcloth?

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