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24 hours in Sentani – our day in pictures October 16, 2011

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Last Monday we had to travel to Sentani for fingerprinting.  It is now a digital system, but still every year we have to travel to the immigration office in Jayapura where we get our pictures taken and our fingers digitally scanned.  It’s a bit inconvenient but we do what we have to in order to keep living here!

I took Dan’s camera with me, and tried to take some pictures throughout the day, so I just thought I would share them with you from our quick overnight trip to the coast!


6:38 am – Waiting to get in our plane at MAF in Wamena, watching the helicopter take off at Helimission next door.


7:14 am – Natalie loves looking out the window on our MAF flights!

7:15 am – Our friend Martijn and his two daughters are riding along with us, also have to get their fingerprinting done, so they came along on our flight. Martijn saw me taking pictures of Natalie and grabbed the camera to take a picture of all of us in the back

7:16 am – Our little cameras can in no way capture the beauty that we see here in Papua!

7:26 am – Gorgeous clouds and mountains off in the distance.

8:08 am – Dan flying the plane with Martijn beside him. Dan’s such a great pilot! (notice the call sign ‘cougar’ on his helmet… a throwback to Moody days… Claire saw Dan’s helmet and said, “Mommy, there’s a panther on Daddy’s helmet!”)

8:10 am – Getting closer to Sentani! I believe this is beautiful Lake Sentani that we see on our approach to the airport.

8:11 am – More of Lake Sentani.


8:14 am – Overflying Sentani now, this is HIS (Hillcrest International School) where the MKs go to school – both boarding and non-boarding students attend here.  This is also where Paul Westlund was buried a couple of weeks ago (there is a cemetery off to the right of the picture – not visible in the photo.)

8:15 am – At the airport! If you look closely you can see a Garuda airplane on the taxiway, waiting for us to land so it can take off. It is still funny to me that a 206 with 7 people in it can hold up a 737 with a couple hundred people in it!

9:03 am – After landing and getting a few things sorted out, we are on the curvy road from Sentani to Jayapura!

9:05 am – I brought our portable DVD player so the girls could watch a movie on the hour-long drive.  The drive to Jayapura takes about as long as our flight from Wamena, but it seems like the kids get more restless in the car. On the plane they are content to just sit there or look out the window 🙂


9:06 am – Lake, mountains, and curvy roads! Yes, this is the same lake we saw from the airplane. It is a HUGE lake!

10:27 am – At the immigration office, and done with our fingerprinting. We are waiting for our Dutch friends to finish up with theirs so we can run some errands and head back to Sentani! I am very thankful that it went smoothly today. Sometimes people come to do their fingerprinting and the whole computer system is down, or the power is out, and they have to wait around for a few hours, or even just go home and come back the next day. It went just fine for us today; the only hiccup was that the computer froze up after Claire’s picture and fingerprinting, so her info was lost and we had to do hers again.   I let Claire borrow the camera while we are sitting and waiting, so she took this picture of me. You can see the rain coming down outside!

10:28 am – Another picture of Claire’s… other people in the waiting room at the immigration office.

12:04 pm – Hangin’ out at Pizza Hut!  After our fingerprinting we went to a grocery store in Jayapura that often has imported items to do a little shopping. Then we decided to hit Pizza Hut for lunch on the way back to Sentani.  We don’t have restaurants like this in Wamena!

12:05 pm – Waiting for our food… thankfully the servers gave our girls some balloon animals to entertain them while we wait!

12:06 pm – Natalie showing me how her balloon doggy can stand on its tail 🙂

2:20 pm – Back in Sentani!  Our Dutch friends are staying at the NTM guesthouse so we dropped them off before heading back to the MAF guesthouse.  They have an awesome playground at the NTM guesthouse and we didn’t have any pressing engagements so we let the girls stay and play a while.

2:28 pm – Playing on the swings.

2:29 pm – Still swinging. Such a great playground!

2:34 – Claire giving some lovin’s to Zoe, the golden retriever that lives at the NTM guesthouse.  Zoe used to live interior with our friends but it didn’t work out very well having her in the tribe, so now she’s on the coast at the guesthouse.

3 hours later… (pretend like you’re saying this on “Spongebob Squarepants”… “zree hawars laytair” :-))

5:41 – Just got done eating dinner at the Rice Bowl in the mall in Sentani. I hadn’t ever eaten there before and thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately the food we got for the girls wasn’t as well received… oh well!  I was waiting around to pay the bill (the power had gone off and their registers were down) after dinner and saw someone else’s dinner hanging in the kitchen window!

At this point I went downstairs to shop at the grocery store while Dan took the girls to go play at the “fun zone” also in the mall.

5:48 pm – Natalie had a blast jumping into the ball pit!

5:49 pm – Swimming in colorful balls! It looks like some of them are eggs, too…

5:56 pm – It’s raining colorful plastic balls!

6:00 pm – Claire’s turn to swim in the balls!

After this we went back to the guesthouse and went to bed. Well, Dan went to bed when the girls did… at about 7 pm. I couldn’t go to sleep that early so I read on the patio for a while before turning in for the night.

The next morning we took our time getting ready before heading over to the hangar for our flight home.

8:27 am – It’s not all fun and games! While waiting in the lounge at MAF, something happened and Claire was not too happy. Poor kid 😦

8:28 am – Natalie waiting for our plane to be ready. Martijn’s daughters are flying back with us to Wamena, too, even though he has to stay in Sentani for a few more days.

9:18 am – In the plane on the way home. Dan’s got a great co-pilot!

9:19 am – Claire got her own seat this time since Martijn wasn’t along. She loves to look out the window!


9:20 am – Natalie sitting in the back, not even looking out the window. I don’t think she was sleeping – she would say she was just “resting her eyes” 🙂

And there you have it! The most exciting day we’ve had in our lives in a while 🙂 Thanks for “joining” us on our trip to Sentani!


7 Responses to “24 hours in Sentani – our day in pictures”

  1. Gracia M. Says:

    Love the picture Claire took of you. Very artistic! Part of the window decoration looks like you’re wearing a large hoop earring. Imagine seeing life from the low angle of a youngster. Lol. I also like the one of Claire crying. Glad you had a successful trip.

    • junglewife Says:

      Ha! I think I was showing her how she couldn’t just press the shutter button for a second, but had to hold it down until the picture took. She thought when I was saying “hold it down”, I meant to point the camera down 🙂

      Yep, it went well. Not always the most fun, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of our hidey-hole in the mountains onto another part of the island!

      Blessings, Sarah

  2. Carrie Says:

    They have a PIZZA HUT in Jayapura?! Will wonders never cease. Looks like you had a good day, even though it was a quick trip! 🙂

  3. Kacie Says:

    Yeah, I can’t believe what all they have in Sentani and Jayapura now. Is the NTM guesthouse at the top of Pos 7? It looks like my old house, which was the old TEAM hostel too.

  4. Jen Says:

    Looks like a busy and fun day! Love the view from the plane!

  5. […] Photos for October 10-11 (Monday and Tuesday) can be found in my Sentani trip recap here. […]

  6. Marta von Borstel Says:

    I feel like I’ve been spying on you since you don’t have a clue who I am…

    We’ve been helping to build a school in Bokondini and Ob Angen and are coming to Papua in January so I’ve been combing the internet for any information I can find.

    Your blogs are amazing!!! I just noticed they are from 2011 though… are you still there?

    Blessings on your day! Marta

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