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Daily Photos: October 12 – 22 October 26, 2011

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Photos for October 10-11 (Monday and Tuesday) can be found in my Sentani trip recap here. 🙂

Wednesday, October 12 – I found these colored popsicle sticks in Sentani, so Natalie immediately had to make a craft out of them. With a little help, she made this box, and decorated the top with some State stickers she found… the ones she chose were Kansas, Indiana, Florida and Nevada 🙂

Thursday, October 13 – Our “snack” cupboard is stocked with some treats I found in Sentani! How do you like the Ritz box? I think it is in Thai or something like that… ah the joys of living in Asia!

Friday, October 14 – Hurt my arm (and several other places on my body) while doing a homeschool project with Natalie. I hope to write a post about it soon since it was actually a pretty funny story (after the fact, anyway!) … the internet has been rather crappy lately so I haven’t gotten as many things posted as I would have liked…  So this is my attempt at a “feel sorry for me” face 🙂

Saturday, October 15 – Finished up a hat and booties for my new niece Zoe (who finally came home from the hospital late last week, after being in the NICU for over 3 weeks…)  If you are on Ravelry, my project pages are here and here. Ruth, if you are reading this, you should get these in the mail the beginning of November! 🙂

Sunday, October 16 – Spending some time outside with the girls playing this afternoon. Some of the older kids were outside playing, too, including a couple of the high school kids who were home from boarding school for the weekend. One of their national friends showed up with a gift… of colorful birds in a small cage! Claire was pretty fascinated with them! Unfortunately, they escaped later that afternoon!

Monday, October 17 – Coloring time!  Claire is getting pretty good at coloring although she is very…creative… with her color choices!

Tuesday, October 18 – There is a longer story behind this photo, and I hope to write a separate blog post about it one of these days.  But the short version is that this is a book that has had an impact on Dan and I as well as several other families here in Wamena.  Through a series of events that can only be described as God at work, Dan received almost 100 copies of the same book in Indonesian to hand out to our national workers and pastors. Here Dan was able to give a copy of the book to a church leader named Amos at the interior village of Silimo.

Wednesday, October 19 – Eating our dinner by candlelight as the power went off this evening, and our generator is broken! Thankfully our girls are pretty used to it, and don’t fuss about having to go to bed with the power off. I know, I know, it’s dark anyway when they go to sleep, but somehow it’s different with the power off and no nightlights, etc!

Thursday, October 20 – Dan came back from his flights today with a gift of flowers from the good people in the village of Koropun!  I love getting flowers from my husband! 🙂

Friday, October 21 – I recently rearranged some things in our house with the end result being that these bookcases now live in our bedroom. I just love seeing books all lined up on a shelf!  I do love my e-reader, but nothing will ever replace REAL books!

Saturday, October 22 – Just after lunch today the girls decided they wanted to go play in the water outside. It was very sunny and hot, and so I made them wear their swimsuits “with sleeves” and put on sunscreen. Almost immediately after we got outside, the clouds started rolling in, and after only about 10 minutes, there was a huge storm outside and we had to come back in!  How quickly the weather can change!  (I love the contrast and colors in this picture… and no, I didn’t edit it at all… this is straight out of the camera!)


8 Responses to “Daily Photos: October 12 – 22”

  1. Carrie Says:

    People keep trying to talk me into a Nook or a Kindle, but I just can’t bid farewell to real books…yet. Love them! 🙂 I understand the convenience of the electronic versions, but as long as I’m Stateside, I’ll be keeping my paper versions! 🙂

  2. Missy Says:

    Sarah we have hello panda snacks here too! And those sticks dipped in strawberry stuff. AND a ritz knockoff called fita. So funny, your pantry looked normal to me!

  3. Carmen Says:

    Giggle! It looks like an Asian Pantry to me too! I couldn’t help but crack up. It reminded me of when I lived in Asia.

    Such pretty little baby items! Sweet!

    And, I can’t wait to hear the stories that require another blog entry!

  4. Jennifer H. Says:

    The hat & booties are adorable!! Nice job!

  5. I loved seeing your pictures! It was fun to see your snacks. And your little girl is just adorable.

  6. […] that hurt the most was inside my left elbow (you may recognize the picture because I put it on my Daily Photos earlier this […]

  7. Hello! I am a missionary wife in Kenya, but I grew up in Papua New Guinea as an MK. When I saw, Papua, Indonesia, and a picture of some of your people, I wondered where you are located. Would you by any chance be on the same main New Guinea island, just on the Indonesian side of the border? Your people look just like the people I grew up with. Made me feel at “home!” My parents are still there. They work in a tribe about 30 minutes outside of Mt. Hagen.

  8. Katya Says:

    hi… i have lived in papua 7 years too… now have moved away… but Im looking for a few friends i have left behind… i have lived wamena… you..?
    if in wamena too, do you know the Smith Family..? please let me know… you would be a big help..?

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