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Hazardous Homeschooling? October 30, 2011

Filed under: Health — junglewife @ 6:44 pm

Or, “I fought the chair…and I think we both lost” πŸ™‚

The other day I was doing school with Natalie and it was the day of the week where we do a science project/experiment. The topic was air and how things move through it, and we made a little parachute out of a piece of a plastic grocery bag with a little toy tied underneath it. I thought it might be more dramatic if I dropped the toy from a bit higher than just lifting my arm up above my head.

So, we went out on the porch and I stepped up on one of our porch chairs.Β  And, I don’t know what happened, but the chair went sideways, and I did too.Β  I somehow managed to get the chair back into its spot before it fell on top of me, and I didn’t *quite* fall on the ground, so I stood up, ready to try again. But my knees were all wobbly and some parts of me were hurting, so I said, “Girls, I think Mommy needs to sit down for a minute!” and the science project was postponed for a while…

And then later, I assessed the damage…

First, the place that hurt the most was inside my left elbow (you may recognize the picture because I put it on my Daily Photos earlier this week)…


And, I knew I had also scraped up my pinky on my left hand…


And, you can’t tell too much from the picture, but a couple toes on my left foot were hurting, too… (you can see a bit of red on my next-to-last toenail, but that’s it… it DID hurt pretty bad, though!)

And then later, I wondered why the ball of my foot hurt when I was walking… I guess this is the reason why…


Moving on up the body, even later I noticed a bruise on my left knee…

And to top it all off, Dan tells me that I had a bruise on my, well, um, posterior as well (no picture of that!) πŸ™‚

So, remember how I said that the chair didn’t fare too well, either? Well, here’s what happened to the chair…


Yikes! I guess I should be glad that I wasn’t hurt even more than I was!

So, anyway, that is my sad tale of woe about how homeschooling can be hazardous to your health. Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve always been accident prone. Just ask my husband, who has known me for more than half my life πŸ™‚

The End.


5 Responses to “Hazardous Homeschooling?”

  1. amber Says:

    Funny how this story makes me miss you! i can almost picture it happening :)!

  2. Ellie Says:

    Hmm… πŸ™‚ I noticed a nice strong brick wall next to the chair. Next time try the wall, perhaps?

    Or better yet – have Dan drop the guy out of the plane!!!! πŸ™‚
    (Can you tell I have boys whose greatest desire is to light things on fire, blow things up, and make really big noises?)

    • junglewife Says:

      Ha! Well, in any case I would have had to climb on the chair to get onto the wall. So, not sure that would have worked πŸ™‚

      Yeah, a parachuting plastic bag toy out of a plane would be a great idea! he he πŸ™‚ Well, the pilots DO have to do air drops every once in a while…!

  3. Jen Says:

    Ouch! That is some fall. At least you do have some scars to prove how bad it was!

    • junglewife Says:

      I really wasn’t hurt all that badly. It was just when I kept finding more and more bruises, I thought, I should write a blog post about this! πŸ™‚ The one that lasted the longest was on my elbow, and it still hurts, even a couple weeks later. But other than that, it’s just a distant memory!

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