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Daily Photos: October 23 – 31 November 4, 2011

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Sunday, October 23 – Coke time! Once again we were enjoying a cherry Coke out on the porch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Dan wanted to take a picture of me with my cherry Coke, but right when he was taking it, Claire came over to steal a sip of my Coke (even though she had her own!) and Leo was trying to get some lovin’s from me! I was laughing so hard!


Monday, October 24 – One thing we like to do around here is make “countdown chains.” For anything we are looking forward to, we make a paper chain with the number of links equaling the number of days left until the event, and then each day the kids take off a link until we reach the big day! Today we made a chain counting down the days until Natalies birthday. I also made a sign saying “Countdown to Natalie’s 6th Birthday” and Natalie got to color it and hang it up next to the chain. 🙂


Tuesday, October 25 – Time for a motorcycle ride! The girls LOVE riding the motorcycle with Dan. Usually he takes them one at a time for a ride around the base, and they love it!


Wednesday, October 26 – The expat women here in Wamena have a Bible Study group that meets once a week. This semester we are studying the book “Having a Mary Spirit.” It has been a good study and also a good chance to get together with other English-speaking ladies. Although for most of them, their first language is either Dutch or German!

Thursday, October 27 – Was just heating up dinner in the microwave when the power went off. I am so thankful to have a gas stove so that we can still have a hot dinner!


Friday, October 28 – Today was the “Fall Festival” at the small international school here in Wamena. Our kids don’t attend the school yet but they were invited to participate in the Fall Festival. Here Natalie and some of her friends are having a sack race! (I hope to post more pictures of the event, but can’t promise when that will be… I’ve been working on this post for the last few days and only just now am able to finish and post it!

Saturday, October 29 – I recently ordered a couple pieces of wood furniture to put in the girls’ playroom to organize things a bit better. One was the big wooden shelf for all their toys. The other is the play refrigerator for their little kitchen. I ordered it unfinished and the girls had fun painting it with Daddy. Now it is all done and they sure are having fun with it in their playroom!

Sunday, October 30 – Popcorn balls for Dan! Even though there isn’t really much to do to celebrate Halloween around here, Dan had just one request – that I make popcorn balls for him! I guess his mom used to make these Jello popcorn balls and it is one tradition that he wants to bring back in our own family. So, just for Halloween… strawberry popcorn balls! (He wanted orange, but I didn’t think I had any orange Jello… although I found some a few days later in the back of the cupboard! Oh well!)



Monday, October 31 – Poor Natalie has had a stomachache for the last few days. Overall she’s fine but every once in a while she will complain of her tummy hurting and have to lay down for a while. Poor kid!


9 Responses to “Daily Photos: October 23 – 31”

  1. Those popcorn balls look great! Do you just add Jello powder to regular popcorn balls? I’ve actually never heard of that. Fun to have those memories with your family though! 🙂

    Amen to the gas stove when the power goes out! When we lived in Lesotho (where the power usually went out right when we got home from work until right before we went to bed), the stoves were electric! It was nuts. We would get home, get dinner started and the power would cut off. So then Peter would go in the living room and get a fire going (it was our only source of heat anyway and it was COLD), but we’d have to wait until it burned down so we could cook over it (usually an hour or two). Just about the time we’d get the food on the fire and almost done, the power would come back on. That got old – BUT, we were thankful we had a fireplace so we could heat up SOMETHING! 🙂

    • junglewife Says:

      The Jello popcorn balls are a recipe I found online. The most basic recipe is just a sugar/corn syrup/jello mixture which you boil and then pour over popped popcorn to make balls. Some of the other recipes I found include marshmallows which I don’t have right now. I do bring the corn syrup with me from the States but I have it so I used it. I don’t know what recipe Dan’s mom used when he was growing up but I am guessing it was pretty similar. 🙂

      Ugh, wow, I can’t imagine living with an electric stove here. Or anywhere for that matter. I am forever ruined for electric after using gas, even those nice flat top electric stovetops they have in the States now. I love how well you can control the heat with gas, and when you turn it off, the heat is OFF! Our oven actually doesn’t work when the power is off. It’s not a pilot light – it’s an electric-regulated glow plug, so when the power is off we can’t light it manually. But that doesn’t happen often – that I need the oven when the power is off – and when it does I just live with it! Wow, I can’t imagine having to heat stuff over the fire! One of the missionary wives here has a wood-burning stove in her kitchen, and that’s all she uses to cook with. It is SO much work but I guess she is just used to it! I can’t imagine having to cook on a wood stove!


  2. Gracia M. Says:

    Looks like you recovered from your homeschooling injuries. Smile. I sometimes do the same as you……. think I’m all out of something I need for a recipe, and after I substitute something else I find the item in the cupboard. Your cat is a bit exotic looking. Hope Natalie feels better soon. If you were in Africa I’d think parasites, but I don’t know about there. Kids ailments seem to come and go and sometimes you never know what was wrong.

    • junglewife Says:

      Yep, all better now 🙂 I keep a VERY stocked pantry. Since we do a lot of shopping on the coast and can’t get everything here in Wamena (and it is more expensive here) I keep a lot of stuff in my (large) pantry. I try to keep it organized but every once in a while I think I am out of something when really I still have it!

      Yeah, if Natalie keeps complaining about feeling sick I will try a worm treatment and maybe a round of antibiotics. We’ll see… you just never know what kids can come down with here, especially with walking around barefoot everywhere and playing in who knows what 🙂

  3. Jen Says:

    Love the photo of Dan and Claire on the motorcycle! In S. Africa, whenever the kids would complain of a stomachache for several days, I would always give them de-worming medicine. It always seemed to clear it up!

    • junglewife Says:

      Thanks! The girls love riding on the motorcycle 🙂

      I thought about the de-worming medicine, too, but I just gave Natalie a dose a couple of months ago. Maybe it’s still time for another round!

      Blessings, Sarah

  4. Ashley L Says:

    What great pictures! I love it! I was just stopping by to let you know that things are going again at Missionary Moms! It would be great to see you! =) Hope you’re doing great!


  5. Kim Says:

    I saw the jello popcorn ball recipe on Pinterest and thought it sounded interesting. Yours look really delicious, and Dan looks like he’s enjoying them 🙂 Hope Natalie starts feeling better soon!

    • junglewife Says:

      The popcorn balls are good, but pretty sweet. I like my popcorn to be a bit more salty, like kettle corn or a caramel corn with a bit of saltiness. But I didn’t need to worry because my hubby and girls did a good job of polishing off the popcorn balls!

      Natalie is doing fine now, thanks for your sweet words!

      blessings, Sarah

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