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Daily Photos: November 1 – 10 November 16, 2011

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Oh, it’s the same old story all over again.  I have lots of posts that I would like to put up here, but more often than not the internet is out or so slow it’s not even practical to try to get on the computer and get anything done!  So that is why it is already November 16th here, and these pictures are only dated through the 10th. Of course I already have the other pictures taken, but I would just as soon get these posted while the internet actually is working!  Thanks for your patience with me!  I guess in a way this shows what life here is like… I try to post the daily pictures so you can get a little glimpse of my life. But, when I can’t post the pictures because the internet is out.. well, that is life here as well!


Tuesday, November 1 – This afternoon Natalie had so much fun playing with the other Natalie who lives on base!  We are so grateful for the older kids that live here who are so willing to spend time and play with our younger kids!


Wednesday, November 2 – Natalie saw another project on “Mister Maker” and had to make one for herself. I have no idea what this is, but Natalie sure had fun making it! (and we got a table-full of glitter in the process!)


Thursday, November 3 – This week I have a few of Dan’s pictures, since he took his camera to work with him and I can show you a little glimpse of his life as well!  Today Dan had some extra room on the plane (that happens sometimes when he’s flying the bigger Caravan… not so much with the 6-seat 206!) so he invited a visitor to come along with him. (The way this kind of invitation usually works is like this: Earlier in the week… “Hey, if I have some room do you want to ride along sometime this week?”  “Sure!”  On the day of the flight… quick phone call… “Can you get to hangar in the next 5 minutes? If you can, you can ride along!”  “I’ll be there!”  Usually there is not too much warning or notice involved!)  One of the missionaries here has her parents visiting for a while, and before the visit her dad had never heard of MAF. Dan said, “Now, after riding along on an MAF flight, I guarantee you he will never forget MAF!” 🙂


Friday, November 4 – I had some leftover yarn from the sweater I made, so I decided to make myself a hat.  I absolutely love it!  And yes, here in Wamena I DO get to wear it every so often! (I haven’t made a project page for it in Ravelry yet but this is the pattern I used.)


Saturday, November 5 – Spent some time playing outside with the kids this afternoon.  I brought out Dan’s little camera to take some pictures and video of the kids (one while I was laying on the ground so I could get a view from below of the kids climbing on the monkey bars.) Claire then wanted to use the camera, so she took a picture of me while I was still on the ground 🙂


Sunday, November 6 – Our traditional Sunday evening “meal” – popcorn, sliced apples (usually with peanut butter or caramel!), crackers, ham, and cheese! Yum!


Monday, November 7 – Another window into Dan’s world of flying into mountainous interior airstrips.  This is an airstrip called Holuwan (Hoe-loo-ahn).  According to Dan, it is located about 28 miles south of Wamena (as the airplane flies, of course) but he says that if he tried to hike there, it would probably take over a week!  This is why we are here!


Tuesday, November 8 – There has been a LOT of construction going on behind our back wall. And by a lot, I mean that  a year ago there were no houses back there, and now the whole back lot is filled with houses. And before you start thinking about how quickly they can put up a subdivision in the States, remember that all the work here is done by hand!    So when I heard pounding this morning I thought I’d try to get a picture of the guys putting up the roof on the house that is right outside our back door.  Of course when I opened the back door, they heard me… and saw my camera… and then started yelling, “Take a picture! Take a picture!” and laughing.  So I slunk back in the house, and kept trying all morning to take a picture without them seeing me! I felt like the paparazzi! Ha!  So, instead of going outside, I was hiding behind the doorjamb on the back porch, trying to take a picture through the screen, and the camera kept wanting to focus on the screen instead of what was beyond the screen.  I should have tried manual focus but wasn’t thinking of that at the time. So, there is my picture… and my story 🙂


Wednesday, November 9 – More playing outside with the girls! I thought I’d take a couple pictures of my sweet Natalie girl… and then she started giving me looks that were anything but sweet!  My silly girl 🙂


Thursday, November 10 – Another one of Dan’s pictures.  Most of the people who come from the interior into Wamena are very primitive. Most of them have never seen a car, many of them have never felt cement or concrete under their feet.  Never had a cell phone, probably never had any kind of electronic device. Although they are very familiar with the airplanes!  Anyway, when this guy got on Dan’s plane, Dan thought it was pretty funny that the guy was listening to an iPod and just had to take a picture of it!


10 Responses to “Daily Photos: November 1 – 10”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hat!!! I’m so impressed! I’ve done ribbed hats, but I haven’t gotten up the courage to try a cable pattern yet. You did a beautiful job!

    • junglewife Says:

      Carrie, you should try knitting this one! Definitely read other people’s comments in their projects, though. Make the ribbing shorter (I didn’t and so it has a folded brim :-)) and don’t make it as long as the pattern says. But other than that it is a great pattern. It incorporates a variety of techniques with the yarnovers (lace knitting) and cables. They are very simple cables, too. So I would say go for it! You can learn something new every day! (and then when you are more comfortable with cables you can try making the Knotty but Nice hat that I made for Dan while we were at conference – the cables look more complicated than they really are, and I am sure that Peter would love it!!!)

      blessings, Sarah

  2. @ngie Says:

    I love your knitted ‘chulo’ as we call it here. You are very talented, Sarah!

    • junglewife Says:

      Thanks so much, Angie! I am not sure I have ever heard that Spanish word before. I don’t remember what they called them in Ecuador… it seems like everyone has their own word for a knitted cap… in Tennessee it was a “toboggan” 🙂

      Blessings, Sarah

  3. Doris High Says:

    It was fun to see Natalie Clapper. 🙂

    • junglewife Says:

      We are sure enjoying having them here on the base! I know that they would love to be in the beautiful house that Beth built, but until that happens we will enjoy the time that they are here with us on the base!

      Blessings, Sarah

  4. Kacie Says:

    That’s our Sunday night tradition too!

  5. Thisnomad Says:

    I wish my husband liked popcorn. That would be my ideal Sunday night dinner. Loved the scarf that you made in the other post, too. I wish I would sew more!

    • junglewife Says:

      Thanks for your comment! Wow, I’m so sorry that your hubby doesn’t like popcorn. We go through a LOT Of popcorn in this house. Of course, if Dan didn’t like popcorn that would mean that I could make a whole batch of butter and salt covered popcorn and eat it all by myself, and not have to share! Hmm, that might be nice actually!

      I love the scarf too. And I do like to sew, when I get the inspiration. But I am sure that if I lived in the States and could just go out and buy a scarf I probably wouldn’t do as much sewing as I do!

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