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Repurposed: Skirt into Ruffle Scarf November 22, 2011

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Another repurposed project! And again from a skirt!  This is another skirt I bought in the States at a thrift store. And I actually wore it a few times but I have lost a bit of weight and now it is too big, so I thought I’d do something else with it. I really wanted to make a ruffle scarf, so I scoured the internet for a tutorial that would match the idea I had in my head. Although there are lots of great knit scarf tutorials and also lots of t-shirt-into-scarf tutorials out there, none of them really matched up with what I wanted. So I decided to wing it and make my own!


Here’s the skirt, a nice comfy brown knit skirt with a little flounce at the bottom.

So the first step was to cut off the flounce. Just a little snip-snip with the scissors and that is done!


And then with a skirt that didn’t have quite so much fabric to it, I held it up and, for a moment, considered just keeping it the way it was.  It could still look good, right?! 🙂


Nah. Let’s keep going with the project 🙂

After that, I cut off the waistband, and then cut what remained of the skirt into equal sized vertical strips.


Now, I didn’t get any pictures of the rest of the process, but I’ll try to explain it to you 🙂  I sewed all the strips (in the picture above) end-to-end to make one long strip. That would be my main scarf piece. After that, I cut up the waistband and flounce into thinner strips. I sewed those end-to-end too, so I would have two long strips.  Each of those strips I sewed up the middle with a big running stitch on my sewing machine and then pulled the threads to gather the long strips into ruffles.  Then I sewed those ruffles onto half of the long big scarf piece.  I then folded the scarf piece in half and sewed up the edges so that I would have a double-layered scarf.   (At one point, Dan walked in on me working on my project and said, “That’s a scarf?!” but by the end he agreed that it looked pretty nice!)


Isn’t it pretty?!


Love that ruffle!


And here’s a picture of me wearing it 🙂  It is pretty thick and heavy… kind of like, well, wearing a skirt around your neck! Ha!  But I like it, and I love that I was able to turn my too-big skirt into something that I can wear with a lot of different outfits!


10 Responses to “Repurposed: Skirt into Ruffle Scarf”

  1. It looks GREAT, Sarah! You did a great job of repurposing what you had on hand. Love the ruffle!

  2. Charlotte Says:

    That looks beautiful, Sarah! What a creative thing to do with an old skirt. You have me thinking to look through my closet and see if there are any old ones I can do something with. Blessings!

    • junglewife Says:

      Thank you! I do love the way it turned out! Not everything turns out that way, though! I have plenty of t-shirts and other things that have gotten themselves re-purposed right into the trash bin when something I’ve visualized doesn’t quite work out!

      Blessings, Sarah

  3. Jennifer H. Says:

    That looks adorable! And congratulations on the weight loss. You look great!

    • junglewife Says:

      Thanks, my friend. I won’t tell you how much baby weight I’ve been hanging onto for the past *ahem* years, but it’s finally starting to come off, just a little at a time!

      Hope things are going well with baby Catherine. She is a doll! Blessings, Sarah

  4. @ngie Says:

    SUPER cute! And congrats on dropping a few 🙂

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