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Natalie’s 6th birthday! November 28, 2011

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If you live in our house, you will know that every birthday is a cause for celebration. In fact, the anticipation begins about a month beforehand when we always make a “countdown chain” and remove one link on each day leading up to the birthday.   Despite all of the anticipation, Natalie’s birthday celebration this year (November 14!) was a pretty calm event.  She had a couple of friends over for a party, and then after the party the rest of the family joined us for dinner, cake, and ice cream.


The presents and party goody bags lined up on the bookshelves in my room just waiting for the party!


I was pretty excited to find these boxes at a local store here in Wamena. I am sure that they are not official licensed Disney merchandise, but who cares!


Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the first party activity which was a scavenger hunt.  I hid clues all over the base and then at the very end the prize was a set of fairy wings for each of the 4 girls.  The girls had a lot of fun, running from clue to clue! Yes, I kept them running… in and out of the house, back and forth all over the base – wanted to wear them out a bit! 🙂

After the treasure hunt it was time for an activity. I had a Shrinky Dink kit that I had bought in the States and thought it would be a fun, easy thing to do with the girls. The Shrinky dinks can be turned into charms and then made into necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks, and all sorts of things. Everything you need is included with the kit, which is great. Unfortunately with the time we had, the kids only got to make their Shrinky Dinks and not make the jewelry, too, so I guess that will be another project for another day!





After we ate dinner (hot dogs and mac & cheese for the kids, “chicken burgers” for the adults) it was time to blow out the candles on the cake… I mean, cupcakes 🙂

Yes there are 7 candles on the cupcakes… 6 individual candles and then one shaped like a “6”.



Blow ’em out, Natalie!


Then, of course, it was time for presents!  It’s often hard to figure out what the kids will like when we’re stocking up on presents on furlough, but when birthdays and Christmas roll around it’s nice to have a few more options than just what is available in the local stores! Natalie is all about the crafts so she got a few crafty-type things.  She also got a book that she had gotten from the library’s summer reading program in the States when we were on furlough. When we got back from furlough and were unpacking I just threw the book into the “gift” Rubbermaid tub, and then found it when I was searching for birthday gifts, and wrapped it up and gave it to her, forgetting where it had come from (she hadn’t read it yet.) When she opened it, she said, “Mommy! This isn’t a present!”  Oops!


This was one present I got here – some play food for their kitchen.


Opening presents from her friends.

And that’s it! I can’t believe my little girl is 6 already! They grow up so fast!  But then again, every mom says that, don’t they?!


2 Responses to “Natalie’s 6th birthday!”

  1. Jennifer H. Says:

    6 years – that has gone fast!! I remember visiting you guys at the hospital and bringing some sort of homemade craft of like a rainbow and the sun or something? Dan should remember. He seemed to be quite the fan. 🙂

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