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Daily Photos: November 11 – December 6 December 7, 2011

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Wow, has it really been almost a month since I have posted daily photos??? Wow!  It is getting close to the end of the year here, and I have done a daily photo for the past 3 years, hard to believe! I am now not sure if I will continue on next year or not… we will see, but I better decide before January 1! Your input is welcome! I do the daily photos for the blog, but also for my own scrapbooking and just documenting our daily life!

Friday, November 11 – Today when I was taking a shower, I heard a clatter and peeked out of the curtain to see what made the noise. Natalie had snuck in and left her MagnaDoodle on the toilet seat. When I got out, I was able to see what she drew. It took me a minutes to figure it out and then I realized it was Perry the Platypus from the Disney TV show Phineas and Ferb.  She even tried to spell out “Perry” by herself! Good job, Natalie!

Saturday, November 12 – Some missionary friends of ours run a co-op craft store that sells crafts made by local people who live interior.  Today was their Christmas open house and so all the expat community turned out in full force to buy the handmade goods, including Christmas ornaments, baskets, and the like.  It didn’t hurt, either, that they had coffee, tea, and homemade donuts for everyone to enjoy!

Sunday, November 13 – I’ve been wanting to make the girls’ playroom a little more colorful and so today I made these canvases to hang up on the big white wall in there.  I hope to share later step-by-step photos/directions of how I made them, but I am sure any of you who are even a little bit crafty could figure it out 🙂 I am so happy with the way they turned out and the color they add to the playroom!

Monday, November 14 – Happy 6th Birthday to my Natalie girl! I cannot believe that she is 6 already. Wow, crazy!  Again, I hope to share more pictures of her birthday but the internet has been too slow to do so lately.  One of these days!

Tuesday, November 15 – Redneck hacks exist even in Indonesia!  Natalie saw something on TV (it may have been on SpongeBob) where someone was wearing one of those hats that has the drink holders attached to it. She wanted Dan to make one with her, so with one bicycle helmet, two empty peanut butter jars, some plastic tubing, and some duct tape, Natalie has her own portable drink helmet!

Wednesday, November 16 – A little touch of fall on my kitchen counter, thanks to a colorful table runner and a pumpkin from my neighbor’s garden!

Thursday, November 17 – Was just outside with my Claire girl, taking some pictures, and she was making silly faces for the camera. She definitely is not lacking in personality!!!

Friday, November 18 – It has been a while since I have shared a picture of a “naked gourd guy” here on the blog!  We were out and about today, and I happened to have my camera with me, so I snapped a picture of one of these scantily clothed gentlemen on the side of the road (yes, through the window!)  Most of the guys interior still wear just gourds, and although most of the men here in the town wear clothes, it is definitely not uncommon to see a “naked gourd guy” as I affectionately call them walking around the streets of Wamena as well!

Saturday, November 19 – Today we wanted to take a family picture for our Christmas prayer letter (if you would like to read it, click here, then click on the “December 2011” link on the right hand side) but we didn’t have our Christmas tree up yet, so we went to a friends’ house and “borrowed” their decorations for our backdrop.  Here Natalie and Dan are snuggling while I got the camera all set up 🙂

Sunday, November 20 – This little rosebush grows outside our bedroom window, but up until recently it was all brambly and overgrown with no blooms at all. I pruned it back quite a bit, and didn’t think any more about it until this morning when I looked outside and saw the little rosebush all covered with pink roses!  God is so good to give us such amazing beauty in his creation!

Monday, November 21 – We got a package from my grandparents today, and it included a couple bags of candy corn (my favorite!)  I gave the girls each a few pieces after dinner, and Natalie wanted me to take a picture of how she had made a flower out of her candy corn 🙂

Tuesday, November 22 – Tonight we had a pretty sunset. Now, this is not usually the case because the sun goes down awfully quickly behind the mountains here, and we don’t often have the beautiful colors of a midwestern sunset. But tonight the sky was beautiful so I had to try to capture it with my limited camera skills and with all the stuff in the foreground. I hope you can still see a bit of the beauty that I enjoyed tonight!

Wednesday, November 23 – I planted some basil seeds quite a while ago and for a long time nothing came up, and I had pretty much given up on having basil. But now, look at it! I have quite the basil patch in my backyard!  Pesto, anyone?

Thursday, November 24 – Happy Thanksgiving! We didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner today because it is not  a holiday here, so Dan still had to work. But one of the other MAF wives organized a fun evening of activities for the children to enjoy tonight. They heard the history of Thanksgiving, shared things that they were thankful for, were able to contribute some food items for a needy family, carved pumpkins, and enjoyed snacks including hot chocolate and roasted corn!  We put Claire to bed before the fun started but let Natalie stay up to enjoy the activities.

Friday, November 25 – Papaya!  This is just one of the papaya trees growing in our backyard. They seem to sprout up on their own, and our yard guy just lets them grow, so we have quite a few. Unfortunately all the papayas we’ve gotten so far have been pretty tasteless, so if we want a yummy papaya we still have to go to the market. But still, it’s pretty exotic, right?!

Saturday, November 26 – Happy Turkey Day!  We had our Thanksgiving dinner today along with one of the other MAF families. And yes, I had a real turkey! I actually bought it last year and it has been sitting in the deep freeze for a year, but was still quite delicious! Somehow I managed to not get any photos of us as a group, so you will have to be content with this one of Natalie pretending to take a big bite out of the turkey. 🙂

Sunday, November 27 – As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas decorations go up!  It was a lot of fun to have the girls help me decorate the tree this year. Claire especially loves all the Christmas decorations. The whole time we were decorating, she kept saying, “Mommy, you are so good at decorate for the holidays! I LOVE decorate for the holidays!”  Somehow I ended up with an “extra” pair of Christmas jammies so I pulled them out of storage for her to enjoy wearing now, before Christmas. These say “I’ve been good all year”. When I asked her if she has been good all year, she gave me a ‘well, duh’ look and said, “No!” At least she’s honest!!!

Monday, November 28 – Claire has gotten pretty good at playing the Wii lately. She especially loves the Go Diego, Go game which is right at her skill level. As you can see, she gets pretty intense while she plays!

Tuesday, November 29 – I love Christmas lights. I have strung Christmas lights and garland over both of our windows in our main living area, and so much enjoy their soft light in the evening!

Wednesday, November 30 – Yes, the pilot family has to have airplane Christmas ornaments on their tree!  My grandma started giving Dan a Hallmark airplane Christmas ornament every year, I think it started even before we got married because we have more ornaments than number of years we’ve been married! We love our airplane Christmas ornaments, and they are quite the conversation starter in a community with lots of pilots!  This is a new one that we just received in the package from my grandparents last week!


Thursday, December 1 – December first and my kids are playing outside in the swimming pool! Ah, the joys of living in the tropics!


Friday, December 2 – Starting to make Christmas cookies!  This is a recipe that my grandparents make every year for Chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. These are similar to the “buckeyes” that everyone loves, but with the addition of rice krispies. The girls even helped me shape the dough into balls. So much fun when the kids can help!


Saturday, December 3 – I had some extra egg yolks to use up so I thought it might be nice to make ice cream. And what better kind of ice cream to make during the holidays than eggnog ice cream?  I got the recipe from this book (which is wonderful, by the way, especially for those of us who have to make everything from scratch. Lots of great ice cream recipes, but also recipes on how to make all the sauces and add-ins for your ice cream as well!) A little freshly grated nutmeg and some rum flavoring make the perfect flavor!


Sunday, December 4 – Time to make gingerbread cookies!   Instead of making our traditional sugar cookie cut-outs Dan suggested we make gingerbread cut-outs this year.  The girls (and Dan and I!) had a lot of fun cutting out and decorating cookies this afternoon!

Monday, December 5 – This lady was airlifted out of her village by helicopter on Sunday afternoon as she was having trouble with her pregnancy. Unfortunately the baby died before she had an emergency c-section, and she was still in critical condition. Last night I received an urgent SMS (text message) that there was someone in the hospital who desperately needed blood. If anyone had A+ type blood and was willing to donate, please come quick to the hospital. So I went to the hospital, along with several other MAF-ers who also have A+ type blood. We waited for about an hour before being told that they had enough blood for the night but might need us to donate the next day. Today I got another phone call that they still needed blood, so I dropped Natalie off at a friend’s house and took Claire with me to the hospital. A very competent technician verified my blood type, took a blood sample to make sure it is “clean” (not sure exactly what that means) and then drew my blood that would be given as a transfusion to Mira, the sick lady. I was happy to give blood but definitely would not want to receive a blood transfusion here in Wamena – I am pretty sure that my blood was taken and given directly to Mira without any processing! (I did not take this picture – it was taken by Melanie, a Helimission missionary who has been at the hospital for many hours over the past couple days, organizing all the blood donors and communicating with the hospital staff regarding Mira’s condition and care.)


Tuesday, December 6 – Natalie and her friend Tirzah (back from furlough!) put on an impromptu puppet show for Claire who was sitting at the table coloring. I love the kids’ creativity!


10 Responses to “Daily Photos: November 11 – December 6”

  1. Can’t believe how creative, enthusiastic, and productive you are in finding projects for your girls and yourself. It seems Dan has the same qualities. They should become excellent students as they relate back to these hands-on experiences. And yes, I love your blog. My granddaughter in Memphis, TN has one, too. (thekavickyfamily.blogspot.com). It’s been fun to watch the newer little guy, Josh, grow to be 2 early in February. He and his brother are so different but have a great relationship. Keep it up if you can–maybe make it weekly to save yourself some time!

    • junglewife Says:

      Marilyn, thanks for your sweet comments! I try to use lots of ideas that I find in magazines and on the internet… I am not sure how creative I am on my own, but living here certainly forces a certain level of creativity!

      Yes, blogs are great, aren’t they? It is so fun to be able to keep up with friends and family back home through their blogs, and I hope that mine gives a little taste of our life here to people back in the States (and also other friends all over the world!)

  2. @ngie Says:

    So many wonderful, delicious, cultural, and fantabulous things in this post! I’ve never seen a nutmeg in it’s raw form before. So cool! Merry Christmas!!!

    • junglewife Says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed my pictures (and stories!) 🙂

      spices are one of those things that I definitely don’t have to bring from the States. We can get all kinds of spices – pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon (in HUGE sticks!), cloves, cardamom, etc. The nutmeg is fun – I grate it on my microplane grater and it looks like brains inside!

  3. amber Says:

    We were cracking up seeing the redneck helmet!! So awesome!!

    • junglewife Says:

      Ha ha! Yeah, I had absolutely nothing to do with that 🙂 The funny thing is that there were obviously no shutoff valves for the tubes, so when Natalie would suck some drink through them (of course Dan put lemonade in there instead of water!!!), it would create a siphon and then when she would let the tubes out of her mouth the drink would keep spilling out of them, all over her! Yikes! And of course Claire had to try it too… what a mess 🙂

  4. Jen Says:

    So sorry about the lady who lost her baby. Love Natalie’s drink helmet. 🙂

    • junglewife Says:

      Yeah, it sounds like the baby didn’t have much of a chance, poor thing. The lady was doing really badly, too, so I am glad she has recovered!

      Natalie’s helmet is pretty redneck, isn’t it!? At least it gave her some fun for a while… now it is sitting in a corner waiting to be taken back apart into its original pieces. 🙂

  5. Charlotte Says:

    Those cookies look great! And I really like seeing your daily photos and would love for it to continue. And I am very un-crafy and would like to see how you made your canvases.

    • junglewife Says:

      Whoops, it took me so long to write back to your comment that I’ve already posted the how-to on the canvases! Glad you liked them 🙂

      Thanks for the input on the daily photos. I’ll still have to think on it a while, sometimes it’s a struggle to come up with a picture every day, but I really like the glimpse it provides into what our life is like right now 🙂

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