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Kids’ Thanksgiving celebration December 15, 2011

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Now that it’s almost Christmas, it’s probably time for me to get this Thanksgiving post up, huh?!  Thanksgiving Day isn’t a holiday here so those of us that celebrate usually do so on Friday or Saturday. But this year we did have something to make Thanksgiving Day special! One of the other MAF wives here, Beth Lynne, organized an activity for the school children in the evening. I took quite a few pictures so maybe I will just tell you about the event in pictures 🙂

First, Beth read a story that explained the story of the first Thanksgiving.


Then, the children all had an opportunity to go up to the front, give a food gift (to be given to a family in need), and tell the rest of the group something they were thankful for.


The older kids (some of whom were home from boarding school for the long weekend, since the school kids had Friday off) hung around the fire to keep warm!

Beth’s decorations were beautiful!


More fun fall decorations!

After the giving and thankfulness-sharing, we all sang some praise and worship songs together.

Then it was time for the pumpkin-carving!

The kids got into small groups and each group was given a small pumpkin to carve. The older kids helped out by teaming up with the younger ones.


Natalie watching as the first carvings are made in their pumpkin!


Pumpkin carving or brain surgery?!


Dan was pretty tired and ready to go home to bed, but one of the kids didn’t have any group, so Dan agree to help carve his pumpkin.


Natalie took a turn at carving their pumpkin.


Good job, Natalie!

Some of the other kids carving their pumpkins.  I won’t name them for privacy’s sake but those of you who live in, or used to live in Wamena will know who they are 🙂



Natalie with what I thought was their finished pumpkin!  After this some design changes were made and the whole look of the pumpkin was altered!


Some of the finished pumpkins! I think this is the one Dan carved with his friend.



This is what Natalie’s group’s pumpkin ended up looking like!


One of the groups got quite creative and used cornsilk for “hair”!


A different kind of “hair”! Or maybe it’s a Papuan headdress!

After the pumpkin carving, everyone enjoyed some snacks, including corn roasted over the fire. Yum!

What a unique and fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in Wamena – thanks, Beth!


4 Responses to “Kids’ Thanksgiving celebration”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Awww. They did such a good job! Very Cute.

    • junglewife Says:

      Yeah, they had a lot of fun! I am so thankful for the other moms here in Wamena who organize things like this so our kids can have special memory-making times! Of course, I can try to do things on my own with my kids, but somehow it is a lot more fun for the kids to do big group things, too!

  2. Doris High Says:

    I enjoyed that, and yes I did recognize the ones I know.

    • junglewife Says:

      I was thinking of you when I posted those pics of the Clapper girls! The older two kids are here right now and it is a lot of fun to have them here! I am sure they are enjoying being together as a family, too!

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