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“Every Child is an Artist” Canvases December 16, 2011

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So the other day I included a picture of these canvases in my daily photos.  I saw this idea somewhere – using this quote on the wall and then displaying your kids’ artwork below it.  My first thought was to paint it directly on the wall.  Then Dan suggested ordering it in vinyl (like from Uppercase Living) but it would take a while before I would actually get my order, and I’m impatient!  Then I realized that I had these blank canvases in the closet (purchased here in Papua – I love it when I can find craft supplies locally!), and I could just paint the words right on the canvases and hang them on the wall!

Don’t think of this as a tutorial since I am sure there are lots of better “how-to”s out there. But this is what I did, and I’m happy with it! And maybe you might like it, too!

First I had to find a font I liked. This is the one I ended up choosing – Ali Edwards’ handwriting font. I just liked the look of it. I typed out my words in Microsoft Word, using a huge font type – I think it was 400 or 500 point font.  I then printed them out, and cut out the letters using a craft knife.

Oh, and I painted my canvases, too, with watered-down acrylic paint.  (All the paints I have were given to me by a friend who left Wamena about a year and a half ago – thanks Jennifer!!! So I went through the colors I had and pick ones I liked – can’t just run out to Hobby Lobby and buy colors I had in mind!) Then I laid out the letters on each canvas and traced the words with a pencil:

At first I had thought of only printing one of each letter I would need, you know… to save paper… but then I thought that I would like to see how it looked all laid out, make sure it was all straight and everything, so I printed the entire quote.  I didn’t tape them down or anything – just laid the letters on there and held them with my fingers while I traced them. I thought it would be a good idea to trace each word from right to left so I wouldn’t disturb the other letters with my arm while I was tracing, but then I ended up smudging the pencil marks with my hand on the letters I had already traced. So I don’t think it matters which letters you do first – right to left or left to right 🙂

Then I painted each letter with acrylic paints, and erased my pencil marks after the paint was dry.  Then I hung up the canvases using picture hanging strips – love those things, especially with cement walls where you can’t just hammer in a nail to hang something up!

And, here’s the finished product!  My girls produce way more artwork than I know what to do with, and here’s a fun way I can hang it and display it. Yes, I already have a string hanging in our hallway to display their projects, but this way I get to enjoy even more of them!

I love the way they turned out!


8 Responses to ““Every Child is an Artist” Canvases”

  1. Willie Berghuis Says:

    I’m loving it! You are so creative!

  2. @ngie Says:

    Superb! Really like the step by step on how you did this.

  3. Carmen Says:

    Very Precious! Love the idea! Extremely cute. I bet the girls are just as proud of that wall as you are!

    • junglewife Says:

      Yep, Natalie will take her own completed coloring pages in there and hang them up by herself 🙂 I’m glad they like it. I like seeing their artwork displayed and being able to enjoy it for a little longer than the time it took them to make it in the first place!

  4. puffpopFr Says:

    What a wonderful idea. I love the fact that you can post pictures and descriptions of what you do. Such beautiful girls!

  5. Jen Says:

    It looks GREAT! I really like that font.

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