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Daily Photos: January 1-10 A New Year! January 11, 2012

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Another year, more daily photos, a new font, etc… I guess I just can’t stay away from the camera. So here you are! The first installment in the 2012 edition of my daily photos.


Sunday, January 1 – What our year has looked like so far. Dan and I both came down with some kind of stomach bug, so we’ve spent the day on the couch and in bed 😦



Monday, January 2 – Claire got a hold of my new camera and took this picture of Natalie on the computer. I thought it was a pretty good picture, actually. Love those Christmas jammies 🙂


Tuesday, January 3 – Went to a friends’ house for dinner. The kids get along fabulously so it is always fun hanging out with them. The adults visited after dinner while the kids colored many a coloring page – with Claire in a princess dress, of course.


Wednesday, January 4 – I caught a glimpse of Claire outside “helping” Heris, our yard guy, with the yardwork.  It was so sweet I just couldn’t resist taking a picture. I think those clippers are almost as big as she is 🙂


Thursday, January 5 – A combined birthday party this afternoon for 2 of Natalie’s good friends.  N’s birthday is tomorrow and T’s birthday isn’t until later in the month, but because we’re headed out of the country she wanted Natalie to still be able to come to her birthday party. So they had a combined party.  Lots of fun for the kiddos, even if they don’t look too enthusiastic here!


Friday, January 6 – Another kid picture. Natalie took my camera and took a few pictures of the things important in her life right now, including these 4 Webkinz animals. Unfortunately our internet has been too slow to be able to login to the Webkinz site, so she will get to spend some time on there when we are back in the States.


Saturday, January 7 – Was taking some pictures of Natalie, and she held out her hand and said “No more pictures!” but with her hand turned around so I could see her fingernails. Silly kid.


Sunday, January 8 – I am so grateful that I have two girls who enjoy reading (mostly making up stories as they look at the books…) and being read to. Natalie is just starting to learn to read and I love her excitement at being able to read something all by herself!


Monday, January 9 – Base meeting at our house today. Getting everything ready for tea, coffee, and snacks for all our MAF co-workers.  One of our new co-workers just spent last week in Aceh, Sumatra and brought back a small bag of the infamous “Luwak coffee” – otherwise known as “poop coffee” – for us to try. Haven’t heard of it? Read about it here. Want to buy some?  Good luck! It’s $400 for a pound on Amazon here!  Is it any good? I didn’t try it (I know!) but to me almost any coffee tastes good with the amount of sugar and cream I put in it.  Dan’s opinion? It was some of the best coffee he’s ever had. Seriously.


Tuesday, January 10 – Natalie in the playroom with all her Littlest Pet Shop friends. Love how the girls can spend hours making up stories and playing with their toys.


One Response to “Daily Photos: January 1-10 A New Year!”

  1. Kim Says:

    “Poop” coffee. hahaha I don’t think I would have tried it either. There’s just something about it… To each his own!

    Really good photos. So fun to see photos the girls have taken too 🙂

    Have a good furlough!

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