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On our way! January 17, 2012

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Well, I need to get off to bed, even though it’s only 8:10 pm, because the alarm is set for 3:45 am. Yikes. But just wanted to let you know that despite the bloggy silence, we have been having a great time.


We left Wamena on Thursday, had a great day hanging out with friends in Sentani the rest of that day, then it was on to Bali on Friday. Two nights and one full day in Bali was enough to see us in the pool 3 times, enough shopping to wear us out (we filled a suitcase to send back to Wamena via air cargo!), dinner at Mexican with a friend, and fast food to satisfy the kids (and, let’s be honest here, the Mom and Dad too :-))


Sunday morning saw us jetting off to Singapore where we thought we knew where we were going but after an MRT ride from the airport we wandered around the city for about an hour on foot, trying to find our guesthouse.  It would have been okay but Dan was lugging our 20 kilo suitcase the whole time (we had a couple other suitcases, too – one full, some empty – which we left at the airport. So glad we did!  Although in retrospect a taxi sounds awfully nice….)  Monday we spent the whole day at the zoo, starting with a “jungle breakfast” where the orangutans joined us.  Saw all the shows, some of them twice. So much fun. Today was a bit slower paced but we still found time to head out to Sentosa Island and the kids got to swim in the ocean.  Now I better get off to bed as there are about 17 hours of travel facing me in the morning.


We hope to make it into Seattle on Wednesday morning local time.  Thanks for your prayers as we start the long part of our journey.  It’s been fun taking our time getting this far. I know from experience that the trip is much more exhausting without taking breaks along the way.


One Response to “On our way!”

  1. Brent Says:

    Will be fun to have you all back.

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