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A belated update January 22, 2012

Filed under: Health,Kids — junglewife @ 5:29 am

Okay, so I know we arrived on Wednesday. And it’s already Saturday. But what I didn’t mention in the last post was that on our last afternoon in Singapore, Natalie and I started feeling sick. Like achy, coughing, etc kind of sick.  By the time I went to bed that night, Natalie was feverish and she coughed all night long. Which means I didn’t get much sleep either.  Not so great when you are starting a 20+ hour journey the next morning! 

The flights actually went pretty well. Natalie was a trooper considering how feverish and glassy-eyed she was on the entire trip. The girls slept pretty well on both flights (one was almost 6 hours and the other was 9 hours,) although Dan and I didn’t get as much sleep as we would have liked.

We landed in Seattle on Wednesday morning and were greeted by snow on the ground, much to the girls’ delight. As we drove up to Bellingham from the airport, Claire was fascinated with all the evergreen trees that had snow on them. She kept saying, “Mommy, it’s still Christmas here! Look at all the Christmas trees!”

We all crashed at about 6 pm that night and I had a very rough night, with chills and fever all night. Claire had been doing pretty well but that next day (Thursday) she started getting a fever as well.  So now we were all sick. So the past couple of days we have been just been laying low and trying to get as much rest as we can.  Thank you for your prayers as we rest and recover!


4 Responses to “A belated update”

  1. Gracia McDairmant Says:

    Praying that you all get better real soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about your illness! And to be traveling at the same time had to be very frustrating. Will pray you all get well fast, enjoy this respite with your family and friends!


  3. Linda Says:

    OK…I’m really sad because we were both in Bellingham at the same time! I left on Friday morning! I’m sure you had so many people to see. Anyway–please enjoy your Stateside time and your shopping! 🙂

    • junglewife Says:

      Linda! I’m so sorry we missed you! But we probably wouldn’t have been very good company anyway, since we were all feeling quite jet-lagged and under the weather. We would sure have loved to see you, though!!!

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