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Better late than never – Singapore Zoo pictures February 18, 2012

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Some more pictures, this time of the Singapore Zoo. There are more pictures, so maybe I will put in a bit of commentary this time 🙂  After Bali, we spent three nights in Singapore. Our first day was spent entirely at the Singapore Zoo. It is amazing. If you ever travel to Singapore, you should definitely go to the zoo! (and you will travel to Singapore, right? On your way to see us in Indonesia, right? :-))

Before I get started on the pictures, I just wanted to add in a bit of family news. My dad just called me earlier tonight to tell me that my grandma died today. This is my mom’s other parent – her dad died just a week and a half ago. So when I travel to Cleveland for my grandpa’s funeral this weekend, I imagine it will be a combined funeral. Not an easy time for my mom and her family, but we are glad that my grandpa and grandma are together with the Lord for eternity! Thank you for your prayers.

Now on to the pictures…

First things first, we enjoyed breakfast with the orangutans. Dan’s family did this when he was a kid, visiting the Singapore Zoo, so he was eager for our kids to share the experience, too!

Us with the orangutans! (our breakfast table was just behind the guy in the left of the picture – right next to the orangutans!!!)

We had to go to as many of the shows as we could. First was the sea lion show. Stan the sea lion was very entertaining!

Then we caught the “animal friends” show at the little kids’ area. The girls both volunteered to be helpers and were thrilled to hold the hoops while the doggy jumped through them!

Many of the animals were just free and wandering around!

Look how close Natalie is to the sloth!

Claire could’ve just reached out and touched the lemur! We were all singing “I like to move it, move it!”

Then we saw another animal show, this time with birds and snakes. Natalie was adamant that we had to go to the front and have our picture taken with the snake afterwards. After looking at the picture we realized that the snake was sticking his tail down her shirt!

Whew! We were hot and tired and ready for an ice cream break at Ben and Jerry’s!

Strawberry ice cream for Natalie…

“Plain white” for Claire…

And coffee for me!

Then, the elephant show! The elephants were so strong, and trained so well!

And finally, at the end of the day, we had to catch the second showing of the sea lion show. This time was a different sea lion named Carlos (we actually remember seeing him the last time we were in Singapore Zoo in early 2007!)

Carlos is a bit older now and I guess a bit more ornery, too… about halfway through the show, he decided he was done obeying and doing tricks, and went and sat on this rock. He refused to be coaxed off with treats, and the show was over!


2 Responses to “Better late than never – Singapore Zoo pictures”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    What an original, natural zoo! Those were gorgeous pictures! And it sure looked like everyone enjoyed the entertaining animals. What a nice stopping place!


  2. Ah, the perks of MK-ship! I do miss it sometimes . . . 🙂

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