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Thoughts from the middle… September 25, 2013

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In between

Between cultures

Between settled

Between friends

Between homes

Moving and packing, packing and moving

The old settled is left behind, not yet in the new

The old wasn’t perfect but at least I knew how to live there

The new is unknown and no longer familiar

Learning how to live in the unfamiliar again

Overwhelming choices, busy-busy-busy

What was easy and comfortable isn’t always easy now

What worked there doesn’t always work here

Cooking, shopping, church, making friends

My friends are still friends but not the same

Those living over there have moved on

I am no longer there, no longer part of their daily lives

Those who are here are mostly long-distance

Have their own lives to live

I have not been part of their daily lives for a long time

Hard to re-insert myself

Figure out my role

Start from scratch in more ways than one

Wish I had a drop-by-for-a-cuppa, how’s-your-day-going kind of friend

Trying to settle a bit without being fully settled yet

Trusting and waiting





16 Responses to “Thoughts from the middle…”

  1. Linda Says:

    So get it… praying with you! Still hoping for our own cuppa some day…

  2. My heart and thoughts are with you. You are still young and will make new friends but I understand how you feel. It is a whole new culture. I have always found in our moves that kids and pets make it a little easier in some ways…but it is still a challenge. Those stop by friends are wonderful and do much to make us feel “at home”. If you were closer, I’d come over with a fresh home made loaf of challah bread or cinnamon rolls(something about Cinnamon…and we could enjoy a cup of tea(or coffee)

  3. Carmen Says:

    This is tough. I feel like I am “in the between” every time we move! I am praying that the Lord places you exactly where you should be. So, the inserting yourself is a easy.

    • junglewife Says:

      Carmen, Thank you so much. I know that you have moved a lot, too, and know how hard things can be! Just because they are not international moves does not make it any easier to uproot and try to settle again. Hope to meet you sometime!

  4. Marilyn Says:

    I hear you! I don’t know where you are geographically, but I think we have all been in new circumstances and been uncomfortable. i was a freshman in h.s. when my parents decided to move. I was 15–really mature–laid on the floor and screamed! My dad knew me better than I knew myself as he said “if you don’t like it at the new school I’ll pay your tuition so you can go back.” Well, I went to 4-H that summer, made a lot of friends and was surprised myself, never wanted to go back as I met my “to-be” husband there. Just keep trusting, ask for his peace and I know you’ll feel accepted soon as you are very outgoing!


    • junglewife Says:

      Marilyn, Thank you for your sweet comments. We are living with Dan’s mom in NW Washington State right now, temporarily. We are not really “from” this area and so don’t have any friends here. The girls have made friends quickly at school but it is harder for us adults 🙂

  5. Amber Rogers Says:

    I miss sitting on your front porch drinking iced coffee! Wishing we could sit and chat like old days.

  6. Dion McClure Says:

    Hang in there! God has a wonderful plan for your lives. He will reveal it in HIS time! We really miss you over here!

  7. Linda Ringenberg Says:

    I pray for you when I walk by your old house…

  8. Maureen Says:

    Wow I really hope it gets better for you ! I started following your posts a while ago. I thought your life was interesting. And I understand how you feel living here. It’s different, and the people live completely different. Serperetly . Quiet. I hope you inspire the people around you to be more friendly and to get out more. I can’t wait to read how it gets better .

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