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April 2016 update April 18, 2016

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I am joining the technology revolution and have installed the WordPress app on my phone. I thought I’d post an update just to see how it works.

The twins Amy and Cora are 20 months old now. They are no longer babies, but we still call them “the babies”. Natalie and Claire are “the girls”.

The babies are growing by leaps and bounds. Quite literally. They are trying to learn to jump, and will jump/skip all over the place. Their vocabulary is also growing exponentially. They try to copy everything we say and have quite a few recognizable words now. They love animal noises and call dogs “woof woof”, etc.

One thing they haven’t figured out is that they are two separate people – they call each other Amy. When we ask them to say “Cora”, they will say “Amy”, and will point to themselves and both say “Amy!”

They love bubbles, playing outside, and Elmo. They don’t sleep. (That will be a whole other post or 10.)

They are starting to play together more and more, feeding each other food from the play kitchen, etc. Of course, they also kick/bite/scratch/pull each others’ hair, too…

Natalie is in 4th grade and loves to read (books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Warriors series) and play Minecraft.

Claire is in 2nd grade and likes playing Minecraft, too, with Natalie. She also plays with the babies and likes to be active outside.

The older girls are both very creative and like to paint, draw, write stories, etc.

Here are a few pictures for you:

Playing in the rain.
  Claire’s 8th birthday



8 Responses to “April 2016 update”

  1. Laura Kaiser Says:

    Great pictures. Your girls are getting so big! Xo



  2. Willie Says:

    hi Sara,
    fun to read your update! your babies have grown up so fast! they must be a handful together at this age! enjoy the while you can!
    love and greetings from Belanda!

  3. Kayla Says:

    It was such a surprise to see your blog show up in my blog reader today! I have been a long time reader, and loved to see this update. The girls (and the babies) are so cute!

  4. puffpop Says:

    What a group of beauties… What a powerful combination….Beauty and brains too. Might be a bit challenging for you in a few years. … or a source of pride. Precious… Both the babies and the girls.

    What a hoot that they think of themselves as “one”. The important thing is that you know the difference. It will be interesting to see what happens when the twins get in school.

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