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We love year round school! April 24, 2016

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When we moved to Raleigh, we found out that many of the public elementary and middle schools are on a year-round schedule. We weren’t quite sure what to think, but after about 2 1/2 years of living with it, we really love the year round school schedule! The girls are on one of their four breaks (called “track out”) they get during the school year, so I’ve been thinking about some of the things I like about the year round schedule:

  • More frequent breaks. It is so nice for the kids to always have a break to look forward to, and not one that’s several months away. Their schedule is roughly 9 weeks of school followed by 3 weeks off. That means they’re getting a break every two months or so, which is really great.
  • No super-long summer break where they get bored and forget everything they learned in the previous grade. In fact, with the schedule they’re on, they only have one week off between grades! That makes it really easy to jump right into the next grade of learning! Of course, it only gives mom one week to buy school supplies…!
  • Breaks during the “off-season” when not many other people are on vacation. This means cheaper vacations if we want to travel somewhere, and easier for parents to get time off work because it’s not when everyone else wants time off, too!
  • The schools can accommodate more kids. Only 3/4 of the kids in the school are in session at any given time, and there are never empty classrooms. When our kids’ classes go on break, the classes that are returning from their break move into their classrooms! When our kids go back to school when their break is over, they will move into the classrooms vacated by the group just starting their break. There are 4 groups of students (about 2 classes for each grade in each group at our girls’ school) and one of them is on break at any point in time.

So there you have it. We love year round school! I’d be happy to answer and questions you have about it, since I realize it’s not the norm for most people.

Like I said, the girls are on their track out right now, and with Dan’s schedule we were able to take them to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days earlier this week. There were not many other people there and we had a blast!

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The kids love the rocking chairs!


Edited because I was on my phone and when I checked it on the computer the photos weren’t showing right.


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