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Twin pregnancy – my experience Part 1 August 14, 2016

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My pregnancy with the twins… warning! This might be long!

I found out I was pregnant right around the first of the year, 2014.

As many of you know, we lost a baby in April 2013 while we were living in Wamena, Indonesia. It was a horrific experience and only by the grace of God am I still alive. I hoped to get pregnant again shortly after that. And in fact, I did. I was thrilled when I got a positive pregnancy test in July. Unfortunately, about a week after that, I started bleeding.  Twice more that fall the same thing happened – I had a positive test and then a week or so later, lost the baby.

So in early January 2014 when I saw that little line show up on the stick, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t hope. I couldn’t bear to start even thinking of when the due date might be. I told a few close friends and family, and asked them to pray for me. And honestly, I believe in that power of prayer. God is good and allowed this pregnancy to ‘stick’ when the others hadn’t.

I started to experience “morning” sickness pretty much right away (and by “morning” sickness I mean that I felt nauseated all day long.) But it wasn’t any worse than it had been with my other pregnancies. I remember being much more tired with Natalie’s pregnancy than I was with this one. And I was definitely WAY more sick with Claire than I was with this one. So nothing about it made me think that anything about this pregnancy was any different than the other two.

We had just moved to Raleigh a few months before, so I asked a few friends at church for recommendations for an OB doctor, and wasn’t able to get in for my first appointment until I was about 8 or 9 weeks along. Dan stayed home with Natalie and Claire and I went to the appointment by  myself. At this point, I was just hoping to hear a heartbeat and see a baby that was alive, something that had never happened with Tony (the first baby we lost).

So I got to the office, filled out a TON of paperwork, and finally got in to see the doctor. She came in, and jokingly said, “Okay, well let’s do an ultrasound and make sure there’s not two in there!” I laughed and waited to see my little baby’s heartbeat. After a few minutes, she said, “Actually, I was just joking earlier, but… it looks like you’re having twins!” Oh my word, I can’t even express the shock I felt at that moment! NOTHING could have prepared me to hear that!  She gave me a printout of the ultrasound picture showing two little babies, and I drove home in shock to tell Dan the news.

I don’t remember exactly, but I think I sat down and wordlessly showed him the ultrasound and then burst into tears. He was pretty worried, and said, “But you’re happy, right?!”

Yes, I was happy. I had never dreamed or imagined twins, and started to think about all that would mean for our family.

IMG_3777 (1)

The picture of the ultrasound that I brought home to show Dan. The kidney bean-shaped sac in the middle has two babies, one on top and one down and to the left. There is a thin membrane separating them.

This photo stayed on our refrigerator all through the time I was pregnant!  Of course, I had many more ultrasound photos… more on that in the next post!



We announced our twin pregnancy with this picture. Natalie and Claire were THRILLED that they were going to have twin baby brothers or sisters!

I we announced right around the time I was finishing up the first trimester. Up until this point I felt like it was a pretty normal pregnancy.


This picture was taken around 12-13 weeks of pregnancy. A pretty normal baby bump for my 3rd pregnancy (at least, my 3rd that made it this far), I’d say!

Then, things started to change… More on that in part two!


3 Responses to “Twin pregnancy – my experience Part 1”

  1. marilynlightfoot Says:

    Dear “Junglewife,” For years I have followed your family’s development and enjoyed your descriptions of your joys and challenges of raising these beautiful little girls, still intent on spreading the “Good News” of the Gospel. I haven’t seen your emails for quite a long time so was delighted to see your struggles become blessings and overcoming experiences! God bless you as you guide these children and stay close to the Spirit of God leading you every day. I read your emails through the years and have seen you and your families grow in His Spirit and power in so many ways. May He continue to guide you into His plan and bless you as you raise these beautiful children.

    Marilyn Lightfoot

    Close friend for many years to their maternal Grandma Emily who we all miss!

    Marilyn Lightfoot

    mjl2933@aol.com mjl2933@aol.com

  2. puffpop Says:

    I’m so glad you are sharing this experience. It’s exciting to see how God works in such marvelous ways!

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