Adventures of a former overseas missionary, pilot's wife, and mom of 4 girls

About Junglewife July 3, 2008

My name is Sarah DeSalvo. My family used to be missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship in the jungles of Indonesia, hence the blog name. In the summer of 2013 we returned to the United States and my husband is now an airline pilot. I stay home with my 4 daughters, the last two are twins born in August 2014. 


3 Responses to “About Junglewife”

  1. Conney Jo Keel Says:


    No, I’m not stalking you…just thought I’d do a bit of a follow-up…I may send my daughter over to check your blog. VERY cool, BTW!! Have a wonderful day.


  2. I put in a “cilantro + papua, indonesia” into google and your blog came up! Pretty sure we have met – I’m Amberlynnne & we’re in Sentani going tribal, with Worldteam. Anyways – where do you find cilantro here??? Or do you grow it?

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