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Better late than never… Disneyland! August 28, 2013

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Way back in February we had the chance to take the kids to Disneyland on our return to Indonesia.  I’m trying to get caught up on some pictures and so am sharing them with you now 🙂


Me with “Granny” Karen who is a good friend of my parents and honorary grandma to my girls 🙂

She drove up from her home to visit with us for a few hours while we were at Disney.


Walking from our hotel to Disneyland with Granny Karen.


In front of the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney. The girls got to meet the bird Elmo who put on quite a show for us!


Claire with Elmo

Copy of IMG_0598

Cute butts! The girls just had to sit on these fun barstools at the Rainforest Cafe!

Copy of IMG_0613

Selfie of Dan and Claire on the Dumbo ride

Copy of IMG_0617

Look, Mom! No hands!

Copy of IMG_0624

The girls picked out stuffies at Build-A-Bear as their souvenirs from Disney (thank you, Granny Karen!)

Claire picked a white kitty

Copy of IMG_0622

And Natalie picked a dog with mickey mouse ears on its paws and ears. She named it Disney 🙂

Copy of IMG_0609

Riding the teacups!  The girls liked it so much we rode this one several times in the days we were there!

Copy of IMG_0640

The princesses were a HUGE hit, especially with Claire. I didn’t even think about bringing princess dresses with me for Claire to wear while at Disneyland (like we saw so many other girls wearing), but thankfully she didn’t complain. She was just happy that she got to meet Jasmine, her favorite princess!


The girls liked Jasmine so much we had to wait in line to meet her again later in the day!

This time Claire remembered to bring her new Jasmine doll to show to Jasmine the princess 🙂


They also met Tiana (from Princess and the Frog)


And Belle from Beauty and the Beast


We did go back one night for a parade. Since it was the off-season, the park closed relatively early and there weren’t parades/fireworks every night, but we did enjoy the one we saw, despite the mechanical difficulties they had with some of the floats!

Copy of IMG_0642

Dan especially enjoyed hearing the jazz bands perform.

Copy of IMG_0651

Enjoying beautiful Disneyland!

Copy of IMG_0659

Natalie didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the Dumbo ride… she kept saying “No, don’t go higher!” since we could control the height of the rockets on this ride!

Copy of IMG_0717

Radiator Springs was definitely the highlight of our visit to California Adventure!


Riding on the tractors at Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. At every ride they give the warnings in both English and Spanish. Usually the Spanish is in the same voice on every ride but on this one it was all done in Mater’s voice. It was SO funny listening to the Spanish spoken in his distinctive drawl!

Copy of IMG_0780

The girls enjoyed trading pins with the cast members. I bought lanyards and some pins from Ebay before we went, and then the girls had pins to trade while we were there without having to spend $5/pin at the souvenir stores.


The girls LOVED riding the carousels. There was hardly ever any wait, so they were able to ride over and over if they wanted to!

Copy of IMG_0771

In our hotel room in Anaheim. (Yes, we were on our way back to Indonesia… see the luggage piled up almost to the ceiling behind me to the right!)

Copy of IMG_0772

Can you tell Claire has spent most of her life in Asia?! This is what Asians do when their picture is taken 🙂

Copy of IMG_0731

About to ride the Ferris wheel.

Copy of IMG_0787

Meeting Jessie (from Toy Story)


Enjoying a parade at California Adventure. We didn’t even know there was going to be a parade that afternoon until we saw everyone gathering. It was easy to get a good spot along the parade route and so nice and relaxing to just sit and enjoy it.


And finally, a nice swim in our hotel pool. It looks MUCH warmer than it actually was!

So, that was our Disney vacation. Maybe in another 5 (or 10) years we can do it again!


Back again August 17, 2013

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Okay, I have no more excuses. It has been 4 months since my last post and unless I want to abandon this blog altogether, I think I better get back in the game 🙂 

There has been a LOT of change in our lives in the last few months. Shortly after my miscarriage, we decided that it was time for us to leave Indonesia. We had already decided that, most likely, we would leave permanently when we went back to have the baby, and then when we lost the baby, we just moved the timetable up a bit. (See our latest prayer letter here.)

The end of May and beginning of June saw a lot of sorting and packing around our house. It was HARD to decide what to sell and what to keep!  We had a lot of friends to help us as we sold our stuff and moved out of our house.

On June 20, we left Wamena. It was sad to leave but we know that we are following the Lord as He leads us.

Since then we have been living with Dan’s mom in Lynden, WA. We have done some traveling to Colorado for a DAR (Debrief and Renewal) seminar at MTI International and also to our MAF headquarters in Nampa, ID.

We currently are taking some time to rest and seeking what God has for us in the future. We are still with MAF for now but not sure what our future holds. We appreciate your prayers as we seek God’s will for our lives!

Whew. Now that I have re-opened the blog again maybe I will do a little bit better posting in the future 🙂 I will try to get caught up with some pictures and stories from the past few months as well.


A hard day April 14, 2013

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This is a hard post to write. So, actually, I am not going to write it. I am copying below an e-mail Dan wrote to some of our family members (with just a little bit of editing). I will write more later. Thank you for your prayers.

We are okay.  Sarah started to have some bleeding on Friday afternoon.  We went to the local clinic on Saturday evening and got an ultrasound.  Sarah had gotten an ultrasound there 2 weeks ago.  The doctor confirmed that the baby had not grown at all over the past two weeks and was probably not alive anymore. 

This morning (Sunday morning) was pretty scary, as the miscarriage was in full swing.  A Canadian midwife was here to help Sarah.  Together, we monitored her blood pressure and were in nearly constant contact with Sarah’s dad (Roy, who is a medical doctor) in North Carolina via cell phone. 

Sarah was losing a lot of blood, and her blood pressure was going down.  I asked my co-workers to get a plane ready so we could fly Sarah to the coast where there are “better” medical facilities there, but it quickly became apparent that Sarah would not be able to make the 1 hour flight. 

Because it was Sunday morning here, everything is closed.  All of the pharmacies are closed, most doctors are not around, and I think the local “hospital” is pretty much closed too.  Thankfully, after a bunch of calling around, the doctor who gave Sarah the ultra sound the night before was willing to see her at the local clinic. 

We got Sarah over to the clinic.  The doctor wanted to do a D&C procedure, to remove the baby and all that was causing her to lose so much blood, this would require her to be put to sleep.  I was really not excited about this.  Roy told me on the phone that this was probably what Sarah needed, that it would probably save her life.  So, we had the procedure done.  I was able to stay at Sarah’s side the whole time.  She came through like a champion, though there were a few times I was scared that she had stopped breathing.  Sarah finished one more bottle of IV fluid at the clinic, then we were released to come home.  Sarah has been resting on the couch since, and has done a good job eating and drinking. 

We are okay.  I am very thankful Sarah is still with us.  Of course we are very sad that our baby is not, but my fear was that today was going to be much, much worse than it was. 


A message from Natalie and Claire… March 13, 2013

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For my blog followers who are not also on my Facebook… a little announcement from our family 🙂 

Yes, the shirts mean what you think they mean!  Due in late October (which means I’m almost 2 months pregnant right now.) We are very excited!  We will most likely be returning to the States for baby’s birth. Please pray for health and for all the decisions we’ll need to make related to this exciting change in our lives!

PS YES our v-sat system is now installed as of just a couple of days ago!  The internet isn’t going to be as fast as we had originally anticipated but at least it will be stable!  Hopefully that will mean more regular posts from me! Maybe starting with some from our little family vacation to Disneyland 🙂


We’ve been busy! February 21, 2013

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Okay, trying this again since evidently it didn’t post correctly the first time around…


Since we’re only a few days away from leaving, I thought I would post some pictures of what we’ve been up to since we’ve been in the States!

We’ve been busy…


…reading books with Granny


…playing on the kiddie rides at the mall


…swinging at the park


…playing with Buddy the dog


…dressing up as pirates for Wednesday night Kids’ Adventure Club at church


…eating ice cream at the local dairy


…hanging out with  long-time friends


…playing Wii at Grandpa’s house


…eating lunch at Red Robin (evidently they have the BEST mac-n-cheese ever!)


…playing with our cousins


…getting warm and dry after a bath in front of the fireplace in the MAF apartments in Nampa


…eating delicious Mexican food


…shopping for produce at Jabbers playplace


…watching Krispy Kreme donuts being made


…playing in the snow


…yes, Mommy too 🙂


…making snow angels


…swimming at the Y with Uncle Peter


…decorating cookies at a Valentines’ party at a playgroup


…eating yummy serve-yourself frozen yogurt (complete with lots of gummy worms on top!)


…drawing and coloring an ABC animal book with Gramma Ringenberg


…taking pictures with Ronald McDonald


…playing at the park on a beautiful spring day


…rock climbing


…enjoying beautiful sunsets


…driving through snowy mountain passes


…having a fancy tea party at Aunt Laura’s house


…in our fancy party dresses


…and fancy party hats!

And, in the last couple of days we’ve been awfully busy being sick. Ugh. So if you think of us, will you please pray for Natalie and Claire? They had colds, but yesterday and today they have been much worse instead of better (running fevers, lethargic, etc).

We’ll be here in Washington until Sunday (Dan is still in Nampa doing some more training) when we’ll head south for a few days of family vacation in Southern California before heading back to Indonesia the end of next week.


January 21, 2013

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So here we are in the land of fast internet, but somehow that doesn’t translate into having time to blog!  I’m at Dan’s mom’s house and will try to get some pictures posted of our trip in the next few minutes 🙂

On Saturday January 12 we flew from Wamena to Sentani. Dan was able to fly us down, but due to some unforseen circumstances the flights were a bit delayed so the kids had some time to play at the hangar before we left 🙂


Copy of IMG_1442

On  Sunday we took the girls out to have some fun. We went to the mall where we spent some time at TimeZone, the local arcade. Claire especially enjoyed riding the little rides. Not too expensive at about 15 cents a pop 🙂

Copy of IMG_1445

Of course we couldn’t go through Sentani and not go to the pool! Some friends (newly arrived in Sentani from language school) accompanied us, the girls had a great time swimming with their friends.

Copy of IMG_1448

Copy of IMG_1454

Copy of IMG_1478

Monday morning was time to embark the beginning of our long journey to the States!  We started off on a Garuda airplane from Sentani to Jakarta, with stops in a couple cities along the way. Thankfully, although the plane was a bit delayed at the beginning, there were no other problems with that part of the trip.

The girls enjoyed some treats along the way 🙂

Copy of IMG_1483

Copy of IMG_1487

On our approach to Jakarta, I noticed that another airplane was landing on a parallel runway exactly at the same time we were landing!

Copy of IMG_1501

We had some time to hang out in Jakarta before catching our flight to Singapore. After picking up our luggage, the first thing that caught the girls’ eye was an A&W restaurant! Of course, the first thing to catch MY eye was Starbucks!

Copy of IMG_1502

Copy of IMG_1508

(Claire took this most excellent picture of Natalie and me :-))

After waiting in Jakarta for several hours, it was finally time for our flight to Singapore. Unfortunately, we waited a bit longer for the airplane to arrive from Singapore before we could fly it back to Singapore! So we arrived in Singapore about an hour late, and headed straight to the transit hotel to catch a few hours of sleep.

We awoke early – about 5 am on Tuesday morning – to catch our early-morning flight to Tokyo. Unfortunately, we were to wait even longer for another delayed flight. While we waited in the Singapore airport the girls had some fun…

Copy of IMG_1512

Copy of IMG_1516


The entertainment on the United flight from Singapore to Tokyo kept the girls busy!

Copy of IMG_1520

Copy of IMG_1522

Our flight to Tokyo took off about 2 hours late, and as our layover in Tokyo was only 2 hours long, I was pretty worried that we would miss our connecting flight! Thankfully we landed with about 40 minutes to spare, and after waiting in line for security and running to the gate, we made it just in time to board our flight… and then sit on the plane for over 1 1/2 hours before we took off! Ugh!   Thankfully the girls did a great job!

When we landed in Seattle on Tuesday morning, Dan’s mom was there to pick us up! We were exhausted but happy to be here!  The first night we all went to bed at about 7:30 pm and didn’t wake up until 11 am the next morning!  The 2nd night the girls were up for a couple hours in the middle of the night, but since then they’ve slept through the night, and we have all just been catching up on our sleep.  We’ve had fun shopping and hanging out with Dan’s mom and are looking forward to Dan’s arrival tomorrow!  I’ll post more pictures later 🙂


Merry Christmas! December 26, 2012

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Better late than never! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

These last few months have been BUSY at our house! I have been helping out a lot at Natalie’s school. Another missionary mom and I decided to put on a Christmas program with the school kids, so that meant 3-4 music practices every week at the school (the 1-4th grades and 5-8th grades have separate music times). My friend was the one actually leading and directing the kids for the most part but I was able to put my rusty piano skills to work and help some of the kids to learn harmony parts to the songs. It was a lot of fun! The picture above was taken just before the Christmas program performance at the beginning of December. If it looks like Claire is wearing lipstick, it is because she just got done eating a red lollipop that came in the mail from her Aunt Laura 🙂

I also have been helping out with Natalie’s class (1-4th grades) by teaching art once a week. One of the other moms also comes in and helps me.

In the new year we will be doing some traveling. Dan has been asked to go back to MAF headquarters for some training, and the girls and I will go with him. He will also take some vacation, so our time in the States will be about 6 weeks long. We will be gone from mid-January until the end of February. This will mean Natalie will miss school (school starts again for the 2nd semester right when we plan to leave) but we will be able to bring some of her schoolwork with us. We will be mostly in the northwest Washington area and also a couple weeks with Dan in Idaho while he is doing his training.

Natalie has been doing very well in school so far. She is reading very well and also loves math. One of her favorite subjects is Indonesian!

Claire is doing well at home – she has friends here on the base to play with. I am still doing preschool with her on and off, but mostly only if she is interested in doing so. She is already writing her name very well and I don’t see any reason to push her harder if she doesn’t want to!

I hope that our internet situation will improve in the new year as well. Unfortunately our satellite dishes are STILL stuck in customs with no hope of getting them out in the forseeable future. So, MAF has ordered another satellite dish through a different provider and shipping method, so hopefully we will bypass the customs mess altogether. We’ll see!  If all goes well the new internet should be in place by the time we get back from the States, but you never know… 🙂  So hopefully my blogging should improve from very sporadic to a little more regular 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!